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We’re going to be changing the look of the site this weekend, starting today. 

Don’t worry, the work is being done by a team of private enterprising folks (OK, me) and not government or government-sponsored bureaucrats, so it will be done on time and under budget, with no committees or commissions, and the liberal mainstream media won’t be relied upon to nuance and spin the news for us to you, you stupid stupid plebeians.

(Plus I won’t have to put one o’ them God-forsaken benevolent state-sponsorship… brought to you by your dear benevolent government leaders liberal government sponsorship logo logos on the site, which is good since unlike almost everything in Canada, this site isn’t brought to you by the state). 

So please don’t be alarmed if things look funky or don’t work on occasion during this process.  Don’t assume that anything you see is the final finished look—it’s going to be built a stage at a time.

Breathe in and out (one after the other), while simultaneously maintaining a heart beat, and blink your eyes now and again. 

And as Letterman says, please please please for the love of God I implore you, no wagering.

Joel Johannesen
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