Canada’s MP’s to vote on same-sex marriage in fall

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The Article

Liberals are against this.

Same-sex marriage vote will be held in the fall News Staff

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday that his government intends to fulfill an early campaign commitment by holding a free vote on same-sex marriage in the fall.

“It will be a free vote and the vote will be in the autumn,” Harper told reporters in Montreal.

The Conservatives, who won the Jan. 23 vote, campaigned on a pledge to allow a vote on whether to reopen the divisive same-sex marriage law in response to complaints that the Liberals rushed it through.

If MPs approve the idea of addressing same-sex unions, the government would then introduce legislation changing the definition of marriage back to that of a union between a man and a woman.

CNN coverage here.

[…] Liberal legislator Keith Martin said the same-sex marriage issue had already been settled in Canada, both in Parliament and in a succession of court decisions.

“I think he (Harper) is doing it as a sop to his far-right neoconservatives that still want to ban same-sex marriage,” Martin told Reuters. […]


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