We’re number three! Canada does not love China.

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The Article

Canada’s attitudes about China — and this is before the outbreak of the virus from China — were already nearly the most negative on Earth, according to a recent (December 2019) survey by Pew Research. I imagine Canada’s attitudes have hardened somewhat since then.

Canada’s attitude toward china is third most negative in the world, at 67% negative, after only Japan (85%), and Sweden (70%).

Those who view China favorably are, unsurprisingly, Justin Trudeau, most every Liberal and those further left, the WHO, nearly the entire the North American news media, Hollywood, Democrats, and all their kinfolk in big “progressive” mega-corporations like Google. I kid. Sort of. But as far as the Pew survey goes, Russia leads the pack at 71% favorable, followed by Nigeria (70%), and then Lebanon (68%), and a bunch of others, many of whom have been bought by China in various nefarious ways. Alas they didn’t ask folks in Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, or others in the socialist/communist club, which would have been revealing.

I imagine Liberals are at about 89% favorable; Democrats about 68%. Hollywood: 98%. Basketball teams: 86%. NDP: 91%. This is not scientific but hey, it’s me talkin’.

Moreover, the Pew survey found that in both Canada and the U.S., our views have been getting increasingly negative over the years since 2005 (this is an oft-repeated survey), rising sharply in the past two years. In Canada, favorability toward China has dropped by 17% just between 2018 and 2019. Kidnapping by communist dictatorships can do that.

The U.S. clocked-in at 60% negative in December 2019, but like Canada’s, I’ll bet that negative number has jumped by miles in the past three months or so, maybe even higher than Canada’s now, since they have the likes of Fox News Channel which doesn’t inherently bullshit the nation and run cover for China all day long, the way all establishment Canadian news media does.

What is it about Russians, Liberals, and liberals, that they find so appealing about the communist dictatorship of China, to the extent that they suck-up and run cover for them so? I mean aside from an admiration for their basic communist dictatorship, to repeat Justin Trudeau’s infamous fawning words from an interview just a few short years ago. The answer is another story, but I’d have to say the admiration of their socialist/communist politics is certainly key. I mean I love Chinese food too (funky bat shit soup aside, naturally), but we can get great food made by the good Chinese folks who have left China in favor of our fairer lands, without loving anything that’s going on there in Communist China.

And moreover, what is it that puts the Liberals and liberals so out of step with normal Canadians?

It was only this morning, after what we already know and after all of that which we as a sane people should be suspicious of, and after the damned Corona Virus has virtually wrecked a good part of our our lives and our nation writ large, Trudeau was unable to even utter the word “China” when asked specifically about trusting them. (Hey — has he been able to say “Islamist terrorist,” yet? No? Huh.)

I wrote about this earlier today, but it bears re-running the video below and even reading my thoughts.

Also worth a listen: Terry Glavin speaking (and I do mean speaking — wind him up and let him go, and he goes and goes and goes! But very informative and interesting) on John McComb’s podcast.

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