We canceled Penticton, because Penticton canceled Canada

We finally, after sweating it out for a good long time online, managed to book a bed & breakfast in Penticton in July. Everybody’s rushing to book stuff now that America’s Operation Warp Speed has enabled us to start to get back to normal (even if slower than most countries and even poor nations), so it’s not easy, and we were very excited. We go to Penticton every year if we can, and we were coming back after skipping a year.

Until we weren’t.

Last night I read where Penticton city council had decided, on behalf of all their citizens including hotel and B&B operators, that they didn’t want any Canadians to visit. They decided to do the woke thing (and I’m holding back all the words I really want to use here in lieu of woke), and announced that they are canceling Canada Day because, you know, Canada sux. Its history sux, its people suck, we’re all racists, we slay indigenous people all day long, and, undoubtedly, we’re just not woke enough, not Marxists enough, and etcetera. Canada is to be shamed, and they aim to shame Canada and Canadians.

You want to cancel Canada? Screw you. We canceled you. And I don’t mind telling you we typically spend a lot of cash. Fine. We’ll spend it elsewhere.

We’ll go somewhere else from now on. If anybody has any suggestions, please let us know. We’re on the west coast so we’re thinking Idaho (just south of Penticton) or Montana (both with Republican governors), now that the border might open up again. And we won’t be ashamed to tell all the locals that we’re Canadians, unlike the folks in Penticton, who are told by their government they should officially be embarrassed and ashamed.

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