Science my butt

The Liberals’ Globe and Mail division dutifully wrote up today’s exciting news of the all-powerful Canadian government’s easing of U.S. travel restrictions  — rules which, they leave out of their story-writing, have been imprisoning us and keeping us from our American cousins, or, as in my case and many others, our cousins, sisters and brothers, nieces, nephews, and half our family.

But the government’s insistence that they are relying on science to make these decisions —is, well, hilarious at best, and downright tyrannical, insulting, and infuriating at worst. Not only is this far too latent re-opening of the border ridiculously late, arbitrary, and capricious, it’s also asinine. And science is never asinine.

…The Canadian government has said it is following science and expert advice in determining when and how to ease travel restrictions. However, the new rules take a more conservative approach than what was recommended by the government’s own expert advisory panel.

Officials speaking at a technical briefing with reporters prior to the announcement said the decisions were being made based on metrics like vaccination and hospitalization rates. However, they could not provide the specific data they were relying on and did not disclose what benchmarks the rates need to hit in order to ease measures

Just last week Dr. Science, Justin Trudeau, was authoritatively explaining to us idiots that “science” dictated that we couldn’t possibly be freed until at least July 21 (that specific date, for some “science” reason which was, we are to believe, explained by some sort of “science” experiment conducted in some secret “science” lab, possibly in China, which then informed the good Dr. Trudeau). So, in essence, if you’re older than three, you can see this is not about science, whatsoever. Politics? Power? Megalomania? Grandiosity? Jealousy of American success compared to ours and scared of how that might affect polling? Election timing? Yes, these things and more. But certainly not science.

But the G&M is so acquiescent about it (“However, the new rules take a more conservative approach…” — this is not “conservative,” this is utterly stupid and deceptive and anti-science and it betrays them as liars). They’re so infuriatingly polite and yielding to their masters in government about this issue even though it is clearly — by their own reconning — complete and utter bullshit emanating from this government.

Also hilariously, so excited about the easing of restrictions is the Globe and Mail, knowing the anger being politely pent-up by so many suckup Canadians and how that could affect polling, they report that the date of change is July 5. Now, maybe the gubment instructed therm to say “July 5” and they have funding to worry about, but unless you’re a moron….

“Scientifically,” I guess “July 5” is correct. But you’ll have one minute, on July 5, to cross the border, as the change takes effect at 11:59 pm on July 5! Obviously, that means July 6 is the real date, as all of us over age three living here in the Land Of The Sane all know. But golly, July 5 is that much more exciting; it sells that much better, and the Globe and Mail is ready to BS you, oversell and cheerlead this sucker for their gubment right to the end. You know, rather than do their job.

Joel Johannesen
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