Vancouver Sun insults vasts groups of people

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The Article

Trying to advance civilized discussion are we?  Mature dialogue?  Intellectually honest discourse? 

Bull.  The jig is up, liberal “news” media.  The ruse exposed.

Let’s say the cartoonist Greg Perry hated Barack Obama.  Thought he was stupid or, as he seems to think of George Bush judging by his drawing of his book, possessing the mental capacity of a child.  Would the Vancouver Sun allow a cartoon of a mentally retarded Barack Obama on their editorial page?  Perhaps with over-sized ears and cross-eyes and with, shudder the thought, dark skin?  Would the cartoonist even draw it?  Not a chance in Hell, I think. 

Look at the picture carefully.  The Vancouver Sun’s cartoonist Greg Perry’s drawing of Bush’s book indicates it has a box of crayons included— indicating that Bush is child-like.  But by logical extension, the folks who might buy it and read it must also be of a mental capacity that is similarly child-like. 

But it’s actually worse than that.  The picture drawn on the cover isn’t that of a child.  It’s of a man roughly George Bush’s age.  Therefore it’s not merely a “child-like” man that the cartoonist is depicting.  With the crossed eyes, it’s actually a man who is mentally retarded in some way, it seems clear to me.  And therefore the buyers of the book, complete with a box of crayons?  Mentally retarded. 

Nice.  How respectful.  How inclusive.  How tolerant.  How considerate of those who actually have mental illnesses. 

Ironically it’s really rather child-like in its own right.  It’s therefore really a bit of a boomerang. 

But moreover, what complete hypocrites. They can dish it out, but can’t take it.

Yes, I understand that this is the editorial page, and people are free to express their opinions as The Vancouver Sun sees fit.  I’m a conservative — so nobody — certainly nobody from the left — needs to lecture me about freedom.  But there has to be some level of, shall we say, endorsement of the opinion before they would agree to publish such a thing, after giving it their professional due diligence.  I mean clearly the Vancouver Sun wouldn’t publish a cartoon of Mohammad.  So we already understand where they are coming from.  And I do understand the concept of cartoons and of humor.  I thrive on humor and satire.  But again — there has to be a measure of what you believe to be true, in order for something like this to be funny, or indeed an effort at pure “comedy”. 

Does the liberals’ Vancouver Sun — its editors and publishers and all the folks who work there — endorse this sort of reflection of themselves now, in their pages?  This aggressive, personal attack which extends to whole segments of society;  this slight, this slander, this cheap, sweeping insult to vast numbers of people? 

And for what?  To what end?

Well I can answer that.  It is, I think, to advance their own advocacy.  It’s to advance what they in the liberal media have long honed and nurtured — their own bigoted stereotype of the common conservative as an “idiot”.  A “moron”.  Just plain “stupid.”  We see it over and over again.  It’s a meme they are trying to create.  Something that they hope is maintained in pop culture vernacular if it already exists.  The can’t formulate their own cogent arguments to defeat them, so they personally attack the people —the personalities or the mentality of people or whole groups of people, as in this case.

And will they now accept from others, possibly of the conservative ilk, crass and gratuitous insults at them, directed at them personally and those with whom they agree politically?  The liberal media has demonstrated a complete intolerance of that up to now.  I should know as I have been a licensed publisher of Ann Coulter’s columns for nearly seven years, and other columnists of a similar style and political philosophy. 

I sure hope that all the folks who work at the Vancouver Sun and all the other Postmedia papers who carried this cartoon agree with the decision of the publishers and editors of the papers they work at, because it directly reflects on all of them.  And their advertisers.  I hold them all responsible, if they carry on associating themselves with this group, without protest.  Protest the hypocrisy.


Book seems to be doing what must be *uncomfortably well* for the liberal asses like the Vancouver Sun and its cartoonish cartoonists.


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