Here comes talk of the “happy-tree fest of diversity & multiculti tolerance… except Christianity!”

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The Article

Liberalvision posted an article this morning about a survey conducted by the rainbow-flavored Royal Bank (RBC) on the spending predictions of Canadians over the ….. wait for it….. “holidays”.

Yes, all you “holiday” celebrators, they carefully employed the word “holidays” ten times in the article, including the headline, and managed to use the word “Christmas” not even once.  That takes some doing!  Even when speaking of your Christmas bonus —they refer to it as your “holiday bonus” now, folks! 

I loved this bit:

…Of course, holiday shopping is about more than just the gifts….

But if you thought they were going to say it had anything to do with Christmas, you’d be mistaken.  It’s about…. “holiday travel” too! 

Interestingly, there are nine comments about the boring article.  Within those nine comments, the word CHRISTMAS is used SIX TIMES.  One of them reminded the CTV and RBC that it’s actually called Christmas, not “holiday”.

But since we’re on stats:  the word Christmas occupies 66% of the comment space, but 0% of the article space.  That bodes very poorly for the acceptance level, this Christmas, of the kind of claptrap that secular progressives like the folks who wrote and edited the CTV article, and RBC, put out, ahead of this Christmas season.

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