While writing about the silence from the left regarding the news of an entrepreneur’s plans for yet another hard core porn channel in Canada (in contradistinction to their “moral” outrage over a company that plans to launch a conservative-tolerant news channel), I realized my “CBC LEWDITY” category was woefully out of date. 

It still is (this is why I need more revenue!  To hire a sexy female secretary!).  But I’ve added a few of my blog entries to that category, which I’ve written over the years of documenting the porn and sex and nudity-obsessed state-owned taxpayer-funded CBC’s various sex-related escapades.  Many articles are missing from the list.  If you’re sexy and female, please apply within. 

It doesn’t look pretty but here is the updated category-only link to “CBC LEWDITY”.  Bear in mind (or bare) that as I said, many of my entries are missing from the category-specific link.  But it’s more than enough to cancel their license on moral or ethical or financial or fiscal or budgetary or recession-related grounds, among any number of other grounds, in my dumb-ass but fully notnaked opinion.

Moreover, to my way of thinking, it is not a core function of government to bring us porn, sex, nudity, lewd and lascivious pictures, stories, documentaries, “films”, even in the guise of “art”.

Even more moreover, state-owned or state-run media should obviously be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.

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