Anne-Marie LosiqueSo much of the progressive — the liberal, socialist, communist — set of political principles and their incessant social-engineering philosophy revolves around the orgasm.  And yet they’re so against smoking.  Being liberal is hard.  But apparently they like it that way.  This is about yet another new porn channel, and you can hear crickets chirping.

The last time we heard from the liberal-left progressive set (whose voices including even the left wing Order of Canada award-winning author Margaret Atwood), with regard to simple TV-watching, was when a new TV news channel was applying for a license.  They were outraged.  Morally. Outraged.  The TV channel was a conservative-tolerant news channel.  For shame, they cried, real loud.  Naturally the state-owned CBC’s politics anchor-slash-political opinion columnist and fellow Order of Canada award-winner Don Newman also chimed in with his own strong objections to a conservative-tolerant competitor to the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC.  That (opposing anything conservative) is what the state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC is for, I have figured over time.

Today the Left are all silent on another TV channel.  It’s different.  This one is respectable to them, we are to presume.  It’s a sex-laden and all-out hard porn TV channel to further grace Canadians’ TV screens.  Apparently we don’t have enough gay sex, straight sex, group sex, porn, lurid, and salacious television yet in this country, in addition to MTV and the state-owned CBC’s own lewd ventures in sex-ridden broadcasting, which I’ve documented here over the years. 

By the way, I found out a lot about the woman behind the new channel, Anne Marie Losique (she’s seen at left, amongst the chains — I also have one of her amongst whips), at the state-owned web site, where they have a huge, glowing, gratuitous feature article about her for no apparent particular reason other than the fact that she’s a porn queen, and I guess they figure it behooves them to bring her to the attention of Canadian families.  It’s best for our nation to learn early on about the future Order of Canada award winners, I suppose! 

The CBC article begins, “Quebec television producer and star Anne-Marie Losique is no bimbo. But starting Jan. 12, the veteran cable TV host will star in Adventures of a Real Life Bimbo, a six-episode reality show…”, and goes on for over eleven hundred words.  They include two photographs of the porn queen, just to ensure we “Know more – know now” as their recent ad motto went. 

“It will be a blend of light and sexy fare, hard-hitting documentaries and late-night pornography,” the porno purveyor Anne Marie Losique swooned, according to a report about her plans for a new porn channel, at

As I mentioned, the Left — progressives, liberals, communist folks generally — recently once again demonstrated that they don’t tolerate — and demand that the government not tolerate — that they effectively ban — any voices (or even fully-clothed visages!) on Canadians’ TVs, other than far-left or “progressive” voices, and breasts, and other naked and intermingled body parts, apparently.  (If someone proposed a channel displaying naked conservatives or better yet, naked gay conservatives, would their heads explode?)

They fought tooth and nail and launched petitions and wrote letters and launched AstroTurf letter-writing campaigns to persuade their CRTC division, a beast of their own creation which was launched for just this purpose — not to allow SunTV’s bid to launch a conservative-tolerant TV news channel this year. 

Their CRTC division is not a mere licensing body.  It’s the authoritarian state regulator of what we’re allowed to watch on TV and listen to on radio and in what proportion of French and English and in what quota of “Canadian-made” and “foreign” (mostly American), and more.  Earlier this past decade, the Left fought to maintain the well-orchestrated liberal-left ban, through their CRTC division, against Fox News Channel and FNCs efforts to obtain a license to simply broadcast in Canada on a subscription basis to those Canadians willing to pay a premium to buy the channel.  The CRTC and its liberal/progressive masters were forced by likes of PTBC to finally relent –  more out of shear embarrassment and exposure of their censorable ways than anything, methinks. 

But that’s the progressives — the folks who claim to own the notion of “tolerance”, and claim to embrace freedom — for you. 

But back to porn!  Or not.  Well actually it is!  But not only porn.  Cooking! 

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