Update on Liberals’ War on Women & Truth: Liberal Senator in Alleged Sexual Harassment.

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The Article

Maybe it doesn’t make sense. But when you think of Liberal senator Colin Kenny, who is now facing a sexual harassment complaint, weirdly, sexual harassment is the first thing that comes to mind. It shouldn’t be.

Harassment at the RCMP: Sex is Just the Tip of the Iceberg.

by Colin Kenny
August 2013

Sex gets the headlines. So when Canadians think about harassment at the RCMP, sexual harassment is the first thing that comes to mind. It shouldn’t be.

No question, sexual harassment is a problem within the RCMP. But when it comes to harassment, sex is only the tip of the iceberg.

Female members are prime targets in all these categories, which isn’t exactly surprising, given the RCMP’s long-standing macho culture.


Unwanted sexual advances? They’re bad – terrible, really. But so is all this other crap that bubbles up from one common sinkhole – an institutional lack of respect. …



Allegations against him are just that, at this point  — allegations. He has not been charged by police. This could all be bogus, and actually, given the level of idiocy that liberals and progressives generally have inspired among their “feminist” division, I assume it is until I hear otherwise (and I won’t be relying on the progressives’ liberal media division for the news).

This article of his was posted at his web site and remains today. It was also published in several newspapers.

  • Ottawa Citizen – August 1, 2012
  • Calgary Herald – August 2, 2012
  • The Province – August 3, 2012
  • Victoria Times-Colonist – August 4, 2012

More to the point, it was written just before Kenny’s female senate employee had gone to Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s office to advise the Liberal leader about 20131122-103927-gthe alleged harassment. And it was written after other sexual misconduct allegations have been made over the years, including serious sexual allegations made by an employee of Kenny’s tanning salon, and two complaints made by women while working within the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

Remember hearing about all that? Yeah, me neither.

What’s also hard to make sense of, though is, well, lots of things. First, the Liberal leader, Justin “I demand Transparency!” Trudeau said nothing about it back in August when the complainant first made her allegations; and apparently the Libs did nothing about it, and certainly didn’t inform Canadians.

Since nothing was being done about it, the senate employee had to go back to the Liberal leader’s office and complain again a couple of months later, in October.

And then still nothing was done with Kenny, and nothing was said about it to Canadians. Certainly nothing was reported in the liberal media division, anyway. I honestly don’t know what the media knew. I’m smart enough to not trust them.

It was only yesterday, Thursday November 21, 2013, that the Liberal senator left the liberal caucus.tanning-salon-1 You may not have even heard about this, because the Liberal Party’s news media division is keeping a very tight lid on it. I’ve been watching their state-owned CBC division all day, and while the CBC spends a huge amount of time on the Conservative senate scandal, they’ve said nothing on the Liberal sexual harassment complaint.  Right now they’re reviewing a “film” on the news channel (it’s a “Low-key drama about three generations of Cree,” so thank God we’re fully informed).

Apparently Trudeau was informed just yesterday that Kenny was withdrawing from the caucus  —  effective November 13.  Eight days ago? Why that date? Is that when the investigations started? Moreover, then, this happened over a week ago without Trudeau  —  or his news media acolytes  —  knowing about it? Huh? They expect me and you to believe that? How insulting.

That lack of transparency  —  and let’s call a spade a spade: it’s a cover-up  —  is pretty big news in and of itself. It’s also not just simple hypocrisy. It’s the liberals who declare ownership of the women’s vote. Or is it that they declare ownership of women? Given stories like this, I’m never sure. And its liberals who pretend there’s a conservative “war on women.”

This is hypocrisy, deep-fried, on a stick.

So while Trudeau and all the Liberals and all the liberal media were blasting the Conservatives for its senate scandal up to and including today, the Liberals and their cabal were mum about this alleged sexual harassment scandal of their own. Didn’t even tell Canadians there was a problem.

What’s even harder to make sense of is that the self-described objective and honest liberal media, has, for the past number of weeks, been engaged in an investigation and speculation “surge” of historic, epic proportions, regarding the Conservatives’ senate scandal  —  questioning and writing-up and opining and Tweeting like never before. Well OK, at least not since their “reporting” about Conservative abortion policy, and the liberal media’s infamous and cult-like “Conservative hidden agenda” hoax. Yet they haven’t managed to uncover one single thing about this alleged sex scandal, in months?

Hard to believe. Really hard to make sense of any of this.

Extra! Extra!

I saw lots of tweets on my Twitter feed today about this mocking CBC’s “Kady” for holding back her usual too clever by half, passive-aggressive Twittersnark, in this one Colin Kenny scandal instance. She feigned shock and surprise, but ultimately retweeted another CBC reporter’s tweet, who’d thrown up a story earlier today which compiles all the many allegations of sexual harassment against Liberal Senator Colin Kenny in one neat package. Phew. Dodged a bullet there, huh CBC? Now you can say y’all “covered it.”

But then “Kady” finally had a bit of a meltdown, claiming, all at once, she’s done (“Fini”!) with questions pointed at her for not asking asking normal reporter questions, or actually reporting, almost like she forgot it’s her job to also report on LIBERAL scandals too. And also, yeah, she said she didn’t know nuttin’.

(Note that she’s so unfamiliar with the Kenny story that she can’t even spell Kenny.)

National Post’s and Postmedia’s liberal columnist and media club member Andrew Coyne (whom CNN recently described as “Andrew Coyle” from “Nationalmedia”) rushed to her defense with this we’re all in this together, and I’ve got your back, liberal media group-hug hilarity:


I’m old enough to remember when Liberals Jean Chretien and Paul Martin didn’t know nuttin’ about their adscam sponsorship scandals.

By the way, it all makes sense. I’m just playing with you.

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