Canada’s taxpayer-subsidized Maclean’s magazine calls PM Harper a “turd.”

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The Article


UPDATED at bottom


As much as any of the other crap emanating from the progressives’ increasingly Harper-hating liberal media division, it’s the blatant hypocrisy —  the double standard. It spews out like liberal media diarrhea., November 26, 2013
Macleans-2013-11-26_071748Since there is a shortage of words due to the man-made global warming, and all of the rich people have eaten all the good words, Maclean’s magazine, which is subsidized Turd-2013-11-26_074637by taxpayers (because one of the richest corporations in all the land, Rogers Media Inc., needs support from “the 99%” in order to be as clever and creative as we see here), they had only a couple of possible words to choose from.

“Turd” is the word they landed on to describe the Prime Minister of Canada. On the front page of their taxpayer-subsidized web site.

Paul Wells of Maclean’s magazine

I’m as irreverent as the next guy. And I think the media should exercise its duty not be toadies for government or politicians  —  even including their boy-leader, Justin Trudeau. But this crosses a line even for the shittiest of journals.

Lines are crossed when a lack of even a modicum of respect for the office of the prime minister, in a taxpayer-subsidized national news magazine, is flushed down the toilet.

Which naturally leads me to imagine the reaction Paul Wells or any other mainstream media politics writer might conjure-up if, say, People magazine (for lack of an appropriate American similitude), called our neighbor’s leader Barack Obama a “turd.”  I’d really enjoy the righteous indignation from our ever-so civil-tongued liberal friends. I imagine they might officially be called “racist” by the Maclean’s brain room, since that is the mainstream media’s farcical game, these days.

Or what’s even more fun is to imagine anyone at Maclean’s calling the former NDP leader Jack Layton a “turd.” It’d be fun watching many of Maclean’s writers attack and be attacked from all corners, wouldn’t it? Want to go even further? David Suzuki: TURD. I’ll bring the popcorn.

Underneath that thick layer of troll, Maclean’s is clearly just full of contempt and disdain  —  or what liberal media hacks often refer to as “hate” when it’s conservatives who disagree with something progressive  —  for the elected MANURESleader of our nation.

Back to that taxpayer subsidy that Maclean’s magazine gets every year: it’s pegged at $1.5 MILLION this year. For a privately-owned publication it would still be crass and intellectually lazy  —  and just plain bad journalism  —  to call our prime minister a “turd.” But when taxpayers subsidize corporations, I would hope we could expect them to live up to a higher standard than, literally, shit. Sorry cronies and corporate welfare recipients, those are the rules. If Maclean’s doesn’t like our rules, they should stop taking our money.

Maclean’s knows  —  or at least it thinks it knows  —  stupid things that government spends money on. Maclean’s ran one of their click-bait articles last year called “99 Stupid Things he Government Spent Your Money On,” which, hilariously, included neither the $1.5 BILLION taxpayer subsidy to the CBC (Rogers’ new hockey partner), nor the $1.5 MILLION to Rogers Media for Maclean’s weekly turd.

So Maclean’s drums up 99 problem subsidies, but CBC and Maclean’s ain’t one of them? This, my friends, is the very definition of a crock.

Isn’t it ridiculous enough that the state-owned CBC gets an annual $1.5 BILLION bail-out, and it behaves like the progressives’ very own anti-conservative propaganda network? It’s exactly a thousand times more ridiculous, but consider that the journalistic baseline is Maclean’s. (My position on CBC is certainly clear now!)

CBC being a thousand times more ridiculous doesn’t make it easier to polish Maclean’s’ turd.


UPDATE – Wednesday November 27 2013
Paul Wells, as much as admitting he is a troll and savors the attention it gets him:


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