Trudeau: We promise we won’t tax your house 50% — or run deficits, and etc.

So here’s the actual evidence the Liberals discussed the proposal to tax your home at 50%, although I do have a problem with the phraseology used here, implying it’s a go, rather than a mere discussion (the mere discussion is more than bad enough on its own, and they should have left it at that):

You’d think the media would be all over Trudeau, badgering him with questions, over and over and over again, resembling the 8,000 times they badgered 7 badgered — Mr. Scheer on being pro-life, as if that’s the ugly option in life.

This is the smarmy response to, again, the actual evidence presented:

SMARMY ALERT: Why not say “there will be no tax on the sale of your home“? Because saying it the way he did leaves open the option. So this could be the slimiest tweet the entire election campaign. Sounds like SNC-Lavalin and other such smarmy replies to questions that have arisen.

As Senator Linda Frum tweeted:

And several others have picked up the ball, such as:

But columnist Andrew Coyne wins Twitter with this:

Any tax at all on the sale of your house needs to be excruciatingly denied or admitted to by Justin Trudeau, immediately, and publicly. Tonight’s debate would be a good opportunity to debunk this “brazen lie” and “misleading” presentation of actual evidence. Then the media can get on with what I’m sure will be their 7,999 repeated questions on this even though he already answered it.

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