The CIA “have six ways to Sunday of getting back atcha.” Interesting tweet with Schumer vid.

Perhaps some media will ask Chuck Schumer what he meant back in January 2017 by, “Listen, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways to Sunday of getting back atcha.” Spoiler alert: no media will ever ask him about this comment.

For her part, Rachel Maddow at least asked (grinning), “What do you think the intelligence service would do, if they were motivated to?” Schumer answers, “I don’t know…”

I’d like to see the whole video because I trust nobody. Maybe after saying this, he said, “No, I’m just yanking your chain, Rachel!”

So: Here’s the whole video (or at least all MSNBC supplies) which kinda makes it sound even worse in context. Alas, he did not say “I’m yanking your chain.”

He’s literally warning that they β€” the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc β€” are apt to “get back at” the President (at this point he was the President-elect) for saying mean things about them. Let that sink in.

And now imagine the stupidity of an elected party leader saying a thing like that β€” that the intelligence community might very well act not on a legitimate legal or national security basis, but just to “get back at” someone β€” a sitting President β€” who said mean things about them. It virtually vindicates Trump’s mean tweets about them in the first place, which is very rich irony.

Schumer threw a boomerang, but he and Maddow were both too dumb to even notice their own hypocrisy, nor what was an unwitting admission about what they themselves think is the truth about the intelligence community. They agree with Trump.

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