Tim Hortons to open 900 new locations without government help? What the….?

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The Article


How could this be?  No government “investment” (—wink!)?  Not even from Liberal Ontario Premier Dalton (“invest” in everything even if they’re earning $2.7 billion in profits and sales rose 51% in the past year) McGuinty

Tim Hortons donuts are GREEN compared to those famous “green jobs” (—wink!) like helping the profitable Ford build among the biggest, most imageoffensive-to-greenies like McGuinty and all liberals, carbon footprint-a-palooza 5.0L V8 engine (seriously!  A 5.0L V8 engine!) that will be used in Ford’s famous muscle car that is built for nothing but screaming around town in huge muscle-car style, the 2011 Ford Mustang.  (P.S. —I love those cars!)

So let’s recap:  A 5.0L V8 engine plant built by a profitable, massively successful car company gets “investment” by Mr. Left-Wing Green Jobs ‘n “Stimulus”-a-Plenty Progressive, the Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty;  and Tim Hortons gets a big donut from the benevolent one and his expert government “investors” in the CAW's socialist ass Ken Lewenza who sounds very much like a communist to mehuge nanny-state Ontario government. 

So what’s up?  Could it be that Ford is unionized by that very-supportive-of-all-left-wing -and-progressives in politics (Hi Mr. McGuinty!) CAW union run by the socialist ass Ken Lewenza (who sounds very much like a communist to me)? 

Nah.  Couldn’t be.  That would be fascist.

Anyhoo, the relatively GREEN Tim Hortons just last month raised their dividend 30%, amid profits that rose 32% last quarter.  Without either Dalton McGuinty’s, President Obama’s, or even Prime Minister Harper’s “stimulus” (—wink!).  You know, during “the worst recession since the freaking big bang”, or whatever the latest government-growing cool-sounding mantra is that the progressives are using these days.

So I’m going to Tim Horton’s to think about that over a donut. Even though, for their own part in this farce called Progressives and their Progressivism and Governments Working Together to Wreck the Free-Market and Capitalist Economy, Tim Horton’s actively supports the socialism-reliant state-owned news and entertainment behemoth, the CBC, with their paid commercial advertising.  So I’ll get their cheapest donut, and take 15 napkins. And use their washroom. 

Fun fact:  There are 320 calories in a Tim Hortons “honey cruller” donut!  Imagine eating one while driving a Mustang!  And imagine if both were owned by or subsidized by the benevolent government through their “investments”!  While listening to the CBC on the radio!  And your car is insured by a government-owned insurance division like ICBC (in BC only—possibly only until the further left Liberals get into power).  And you’re on your way to get some o’ that government-run health care!  After waiting for 8 months!  In subsidized housing!  On “Employment Insurance”!  I might have to go to a government liquor store to get some booze to help me get over the possibilities!  Maybe buy a lottery ticket from the government’s lottery division!  Yeeeehahhhh!  I love capitalism!

Joel Johannesen
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