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Joe Oliver for leader? Alas no. But heed to his leadership.

Financial Post — Joe Oliver penned a good column today offering good conservative sense for Conservatives. So that's something different and worthwhile for you to read today in the papers increasingly filled with total bunk and muck — usually from lefties — about how the Conservatives need to go still further leftward to win. It's headlined "Conservatives must persuade the electorate, not pander to the left." And it's worth your read.

"...There is an economic and cultural route to broaden the appeal of Conservative values and policies: bring the public to you, rather than mimic the left-wing’s latest faddish ideals and retreaded socialist truths. That is what leadership is all about. ..."

Ronald Reagan believed in and practiced this philosophy very effectively, making wonderful speaches counseling his fellow conservatives to speak up — "in bold colors" — to convince the electorate to vote for the values — conservative values — which most of their fellow electorate actually already believed in. And he was one of the best and most popular presidents in US history. Joe Oliver wrote today about some of those Canadian conservative values, which, similarly, are actually Canadian values.
Joe Oliver isn't running to be the leader. He's 81 and is rightly enjoying retirement. But anybody who wants to follow in Ronald Regan's — or Joe Oliver's — footsteps is more than welcome to step up at this time, please.

Advice to GOP, which Canada’s CPC should heed: Just. Say. No.

Washington Post — From this surprising source  — the...

Lefty Mayor caught maskless but it’s ok: “I was feelin’ the spirit!”

National Review — Another article you won't read in 99% of the "news" media because, oh do I even have to say it?... she's a lefty mayor! (and we can well imagine the "news" media's faux outrage if she was a he and he was a Republican):

The mayor of San Francisco [London Breed] says that she shouldn’t be criticized for breaking her own COVID rules, because, and I quote, “I was feeling the spirit and I wasn’t thinking about a mask.” CBS reports:

“We don’t need the fun police to come in and micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing,” said Breed during an interview to address the controversy.

The city’s health order states attendees at live indoor performances must remain masked except when actively eating or drinking. Breed maintained that she was drinking at the time.

“My drink was sitting at the table,” said Breed. “I got up and started dancing because I was feeling the spirit and I wasn’t thinking about a mask.”
As Charles C.W. Cooke points out, the hideousness doesn't stop just at her hypocrisy, her failure to take responsibility for her own actions, or her elitist rule-breaking, it's the fact that she laments the notion of "the fun police," when, in fact, as mayor and as the perpetrator of these asinine rules, she IS "the fun police."

Best post-election headline so far

Wall Street Journal — They get the headline just about right: Their opener:

The late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher counseled that in politics “standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous. You get knocked down by the traffic from both sides.” That’s the lesson delivered to Canada’s Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole in Monday’s national election.

I like that they added this because Canadian "news" media are loathed to mention it:

Yet while they again won the popular vote, they finished a distant second in seat count with about 119, two seats down from 2019. (By the way, the Tories have won the popular vote in five of the last six elections, which is a lesson for Americans who think this only happens because of the Electoral College.)

They see what I see. O'Toole: Speaking in pale pastels — largely pink — instead of bold colors. Lesson #596 for the Conservative Party of Canada. They'll learn someday. Maybe.
Read the WSJ take here. (Free link)

BC’s NDP gov and their “news” media divisions hiding stats and facts? Here’s one. For all the noise from the Canadian national "news" media, you'd think Ontario was the only province in the country, and that it's doing terribly with regard to the Wuhan Virus (which everybody still calls "COVID" on orders from the Communist Party of China). That's not news to anyone outside of Ontario. What might be news to people both outside and inside of Ontario is that BC's rate of death is nearly twice that of Ontario.
Don't worry lefties, even people in BC don't know that, because the "news" media in BC are actually cheerleaders for the NDP government of BC — much as the national news media is actually a division of the federal Liberal Party (well and the Ontario Liberal Party of course). Ontario is led by a party with the word "Conservative" in it, even though "Progressive" is the first and foremost word and concept in their party name and style of governance. But, you know, it's just deathn shit. Politics is way more important to the "news" media.
Facts. Get 'em anywhere you can, because you can't reliably get them from the "news" media.
See also:
And from liberalvision CTV: Secrecy over B.C.'s true number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients

“The government beat the citizens! Yay!” —an elitist Canadian socialist

The Liberal Party's very own state-owned CBC's "news" (hahahahaha)...

The objective left on the regressive left

Writing beautifully about the racist and discriminatory plight of...

Take a Hint, Canada.

Yahoo News — Dutch Foreign Minister Sigrid Kaag resigned on Thursday after parliament formally condemned her handling of the Afghanistan evacuation crisis.
Too bad Canada doesn't have a Parliament. Or a news media.

Canada Excluded From International China Security Pact

Globe and Mail Dismissed by Justin Trudeau as merely a crass American salesman's move to pawn off the latest high-tech US-built nuclear subs to what we have to therefore assume he thinks are the total idiot Aussies, the three-nation deal didn't even include Canada in the talks leading up to the historic pact. And after Trudeau's comments on the matter (and the aforementioned attitude toward the Aussies), you can understand why.
"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday played down Canada’s exclusion from the Indo-Pacific security deal, saying it is merely a way for the U.S. to sell nuclear submarines to Australia ... “This is a deal for nuclear submarines, which Canada is not currently or any time soon in the market for. Australia is.”"
In a clear indication that even Trudeau's political bro Joe Biden doesn't actually take him or Canada seriously anymore (forcing one to wonder if his high-fivin' bro Barack Obama doesn't also come off as a bit two-faced after Obama gave Trudeau a campaign "endorsement" this week), even Canadian officials were left in the dark. Almost like Canada can't even be trusted anymore on any level.

"Three officials, representing Canada’s foreign affairs, intelligence and defence departments, told The Globe and Mail that Ottawa was not consulted about the pact, and had no idea the trilateral security announcement was coming until it was made on Wednesday by U.S. President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison."

Trudeau, in contrast, delayed Canada's Wuhan Virus immunization program by signing a deal not with the Americans or Brits, but with... CHINA, for vaccines, in what turned out to be a total failure with countless Canadian lives lost as a result. What is going on here?

The Article

You should not believe the lies being told by leftist Democrats, and in Canada by the liars in the NDP and by assorted lying Liberals. Or by news media hacks. To be fair to all of them, they may very well be simple, or ignorant, or uneducated, or, as such, they have allowed themselves to become fully brainwashed by idiots on Twitter. And so just as a bum relies on the state for survival, they are forced to rely on others to tell them how to think.

Unfortunately, they rely — by necessity because there is virtually no diversity of ideological views available to them from the only places they know —on those who can themselves often be simple, ignorant, uneducated, or outright lying. Sources such as the state-owned CBC and its “expert” guests, their Twitter mob, their beloved Facebook, CNN when AOC is once again being praised by a panel of eight like-minded “experts” as a guiding light on all policy matters, or the likes of the leftist brain trusts the socialist Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. The worst sources of information they could possibly appeal to. Their sources of information are often those who are willing to lie to advance their politics, come what may. Then again, they have little to choose from as I said.

So, sadly, politicians or “news” “reporters” are forced to rely on unreliable others to tell them how to think; but then, their particular psychosis also compels them to tell you how to think, as well. I cannot explain this compulsion. But they truly believe everybody other than them is stupid. We see that everyday. Think of the hundreds of times Justin Trudeau has told you to “wash your hands” in the midst of our health crisis —advice which is then reported as genius gospel in the media as if it’s sage advice and we’re all completely stupid. That’s not a “lie,” necessarily, in this case, but shows you the compulsion he just cannot contain, to teach you something which only a complete idiot or five-year-old would not know. But by advancing the even more pernicious lies to you, these people are obviously also counselling you to think wrongly. To believe the lies they were themselves told. To be willingly gaslighted — like they were. Brainwashed —just like them. To be stupid.

It’s literally a cancer on society, this psychotic circle of bullshittery. It extends to all facets of our society — economics, our social cohesion, the news media is replete with it, the random timing of our federal and provincial elections is increasingly dubious at best or even utterly nefarious and borderline tyrannical, our academic institutions, entertainment media, all social media, public policy debates are built on piles of lies, and much else, as, for example, stories about Israel.

Since the day this web site started, I have stood for Israel against the Islamic terrorists whose evil goal is — quite literally, as in written form — to kill all Jews and to “cancel” — to use the left’s current vernacular — the state of Israel, by (and they’re quite specific about this) the use of war and violence. Their credo — the credo of this particular Muslim sect — is based on the worst form of racism, pure unadulterated hatred, the love of war and violence, lies and the promulgation of lies, the pursuit of raw power for evil ends, and of course the accumulation of unearned wealth for the leadership, because all evil people have that as a goal.

Bari Weiss, a former New York Times editor (famously resigned) and now a hugely successful Substack author (among other notable accomplishments), wrote this today (in part):

…Why is all this happening?

Let’s leave aside the terrifying Arab-Jewish violence roiling cities and towns inside Israel’s borders, a topic worthy of its own column, which I’m in the process of commissioning.

The big-picture reason this is happening — and has been happening for decades — is that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are genocidal terrorist organizations that want to wipe Israel, a country the size of New Jersey that contains the largest Jewish community on Earth, off the map. That is their reason for being. It has become quite tedious to have to point this out, but if you read about the “militants,” as they are described in The New York Times and elsewhere, you realize there is no other option.

Take five minutes and read Hamas’s charter. It insists that “There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad” and that “there is no way out except by concentrating all powers and energies to face this Nazi, vicious Tatar invasion.”

If you can’t stomach the whole thing —  there is a part about how the Jews were behind the French Revolution, the Communist revolution and control the media — watch this clip from last week of a senior Hamas official asking Palestinians to go out and buy five-shekel knives to chop off Jewish heads:

The goal here is the eradication of the Jewish people. That is the bone-chilling truth. That is the core obstacle to peace. Anyone who insists that the ongoing rocket barrage is about a particular Israeli government policy must be made to answer for this. …

I like that last sentence. And I’m here to tell you that I won’t settle for anything less than their “answer[ing] for this.” And by “their,” I mean the Canadian news media and political leftist hacks who spew these lies, thereby literally wrecking the world we live in. I will continue to call them out, and so should you.

Weiss goes on to explain that this lie about Islamic Jihad and Hamas being merely noble and innocent defenders of their rightful homeland (etc), and Jews and Israel being evil aggressive colonizers invoking an “apartheid” (their latest buzzword and deception) — is all a part of what she calls The Narrative (™). It is an easy sell to the leftists of the news media and in politics (as she points out, and she would know). Particularly the weak-minded, the ignorant, and the easily lied-to; but also to those who wish to drive a political agenda no matter the means, no matter the consequences. And there are plenty of those. You see them on TV all the time. You hear what they say — lies — constantly, to no refutation or debate from the news show anchor interviewing them, nor from those “opponents” sitting right beside them. You know them by name. And their party.

Weiss goes on:

As my friend Matti Friedman — to my mind the best Israeli writer of his generation — just wrote in a brilliant column in Tablet:

In the spirit of 2021, exciting video clips are ripped from their context here and injected into ideological circulatory systems to prove whatever needs to be proved. Explosions in the Al-Aqsa Mosque could mean that Israeli police are firing tear gas inside, desecrating the holy site, or that Muslim rioters are shooting off the stores of fireworks they hoarded inside to use against the police, desecrating the holy site. An Israeli driver hitting a Palestinian man near Lions’ Gate on Monday might be attempted murder, or a driver losing control of his car while escaping Palestinians who were trying to kill him. A video of Israelis dancing at the Western Wall as a fire burns on the Temple Mount is evidence of satanic intent, or of the coincidence that the annual Jerusalem Day celebrations at the wall were going on at the same time that one of the firecrackers set off by Palestinian rioters ignited a tree in the mosque compound above.

The subtleties seem beside the point when the villains and the heroes are so clear. The condemnations of Israel are pouring in from the strange coalition that gathers with increasing frequency for this purpose: the Turkish authoritarian Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, both of whom used the word “abhorrent” in their tweets, the dictator of Chechnya, the Saudis, the Iranians, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It’s hard to follow whether Israel is supposedly attacking Islam or attacking liberalism; in Israel’s case, the two seem to be oddly interchangeable. When some Westerners see dozens of green Hamas flags in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, they seem to perceive a civil rights protest, and when a Hamas leader calls on his people to buy “five-shekel knives” to cut off Jewish heads, demonstrating with his finger exactly how this should be done, some hear a call for social justice that Israelis should try to accommodate.

It helps that plenty of Western activists, including many who identify as journalists, have spent the past decade or so rebranding this conflict to suit the ideological fantasy world in which they operate. That fantasy world has only expanded in detail and reach with the triumph of social media, which marries elite prejudices with activist fervor and the passion of the mob. Hamas rockets are no longer being fired at Israeli civilians, as they were 20 years ago. Now they’re being fired at “Israeli apartheid.”

Count this latest threat to Israel and the lies being reported about it among the things I’m increasingly fed up with. And I think you are too. It’s time for both right-thinking, and in our case (because Bari Weiss is most assuredly not a Righty!), Right-thinking people to stand up and fight back. Take a stand. Don’t think this is just about Israel, as if that weren’t enough. There’s everything to lose.

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