There were tweets, and commies, and heroes —now with multiple updates!

Best burn of the day:

This is the part where I insert all kinds o’ them “burn”emojis.


Next up: Worst left-wing political activist corruption of the day:

Golly what a shocker that a Marxist org like BLM would purchase capital property from the Communist Party of Canada. Wasn’t there any space at one of the myriad NDP offices or at a property owned by the wealthy Jagmeet Singh family? Who knows? But at least they got to say words like these:

BLM Canada said the Toronto property, which they dubbed the Wildseed Centre for Art and Activism, would serve as a “vessel that seeks to nurture Black radical creation in Toronto and beyond.”

“Wildseed is a transformed industrial space; a blank canvas reimagined as a multipurpose artist-run community incubator, gallery, studio and home to Black lives Matter — Canada,” Wildseed’s website reads. “Wildseed is a transfeminist, queer affirming space politically aligned with supporting Black liberation work across Canada.”

Anyway, apparently, the BLM Canada boss, someone named Sandy Hudson, has been facing an exodus of staff and questions from inside and out (by everyone except Canadian “news” media, who are busy questioning freedom-seeking truckers today). And another shocker, according to the attached story in the Washington Examiner (no, not any Canadian outlet, today):

…Hudson comes with her own history of alleged financial malfeasance.

Hudson was sued in 2015 by her former employer, the University of Toronto Student Union, for allegedly approving $247,726 in overtime payments for work she never completed….

Whatever. Communists gotta communist.


And then we go to the opposite side of the spectrum: someone who actually has a huge brain and uses it to produce actual things and contribute to society:

…which he followed up with this:

Late update: CB’s aren’t totally free from media control (but at least she’s reporting and not making shit up, which is saying a lot these days):


The National Post — and I mean the National Post alone — did some real fair reporting on it today, and objectively interviewed some of the thousands of random participants in the convoy. Turns out they are good, normal, smart, hard-working CANADIANS, unlike the fringe whackos (or worse) the rest of the “news” media — and divider-in-chief Justin Trudeau but I repeat myself — is trying to make them out to be. Sister newspaper Vancouvver Sun tweeted it out:

And finally for today, some superb advice from a likely source, a source which doesn’t shock us at all:


Post work hours update over my first whiskey: Who knew truckers were going to take over the world? I did not have that on my predictions for my 2022 Bingo card.

UPDATE during second whiskey (I know the whiskey doesn’t follow the timeline here. Just play along.):


OK another because this take is so freaking brilliant (still on first whiskey, don’t worry):

Bonus because oh my the hilarity of the liberal progressive’s “news” media-imbibed coddled mind:

I love the “literally” and the “more to come…”

Whiskey helps, people.

Also, I just want to add —what a magnificent multi-hundred-thousand-dollar rig that is. Great pic! It’s freaking gorgeous. If that thing parked in front of my house, I’d race out there to gawk at it, take pics, and rap with the driver about shit hoping he’d let me sit in it.  And probably offer him a whiskey but I digress. And I’m a former Class 2 driver with air brakes ticket (and Teamster!), so most things don’t impress me much. Especially progressive snowflake crap.

Oh God there’s more yet. Still on just the second whiskey for me. But funnily enough, CHEERS!

Cheers indeed. I’m moving to wine now (cheers!), as a truck-delivered-to-my-mega-mart frozen pizza is in the oven, and red wine (also: truck) is what I’m sure Justin Trudeau would choose. Or his butler would. I certainly don’t want to be brandished by him as an “unacceptable” Canadian! It’s a red from America — land of the trying to maintain its freedom like us.

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