There have always been floods.

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The Article

The recent flooding in BC is bad. Really bad. But it isn’t anything new. In actual scientific and historic fact, it’s really, really old.

The “news” media coverage of it is predictably old and awful too. Headlines are designed to alarm, freak you out, and bolster climate change emergency advocacy. Most outlets hyperbolically explain how bad it has been using superlatives they keep in their back pockets only for whenever they pull another Trump story out of their butts, or when there is an anything-but-perfectly-normal weather event, which is, thus, “EXTREME WEATHER!*%#”. A couple stand out today.

The Vancouver Sun’s columnist Daphne Bramham not only tries to scare you about today’s flooding — which is Really Bad! —but, well look:

Daphne Bramham: Batten down the hatches, the worst is yet to come

Oh God it’s only gettin’ worse yet! She should know. She’s a “news” paper columnist. And she has sources. Objective ones like Greenpeace. Seriously.

The flooding is not bad enough for her to call it one of those “once in a 100 years” events, which they love to do, so she makes up a new parameter:

One-in-200-year floods, rains, tides and fires are not only here, there is no indication that they are not going to become more and more frequent.

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