This is the party that purports to be one of “caring” … and of intelligence and good ideas? What a bunch of attention-seeking alarmists Malcolm Allen, NDP meat and vegetable criticand fear-mongers. And political dumb-dumbs.

Here’s a news release just posted on their web site:

Conservative changes will allow roadkill on your table: NDP

May 15, 2012

OTTAWA – Proposed changes to Meat Inspection Regulations (MIR) will leave Canadians wondering if the meat they buy is actually safe, because of the Conservatives’ reckless cutting spree.  Private inspectors, who may not be qualified, will now be able to inspect meat.  Worse, these changes to meat inspection rules also change what meat is acceptable – meaning already-dead meat and crippled animals’ meat will be okay for processing for Canadians’ tables.

“First the Conservatives will let private inspectors monitor meat, and now they’re essentially allowing road kill-ready meat into the food supply,” said Malcolm Allen, NDP Critic for Agriculture and Agri-Food. “Even scarier is the fact that we won’t know how long animals have been dead before processing – or even that the meat will be inspected at all.”

I wonder if they feel “private” car manufacturing workers, home builders, food service workers, pharmaceutical and medical workers, and all other workers are also inherently inept (or shall I say “may not be qualified”?) on account of them not being state employees at a state-owned facility and members of one of Canada’s far-left political public service labor unions. Because apparently only state workers are acceptable to the NDP.

Anyway, Sun Media’s report about it used the word “overkill” in their report, earning it a mention here:

Expect roadkill to reach dinner table: NDP

By Mark Dunn, QMI Agency

OTTAWA – The NDP ratcheted up its overkill on government cuts Tuesday, suggesting changes to meat inspection mean Canadians can expect splattered squirrel, groundhogs and other crunched critters for dinner.

“First the Conservatives will let private inspectors monitor meat, and now they’re essentially allowing roadkill ready meat into the food supply,” said Malcolm Allen, the party’s meat and vegetable critic.

The NDP is concerned about what happens to animals on farms before the carcass is shipped to a federally inspected slaughter house. …

… “Only the NDP would stoop so low as to mislead Canadian families with hopes of gaining media attention,” [Agriculture Minister Gerry ] Ritz said.

People who put out this sort of lie  —  this tactic which is nefariously designed by jerks in the backroom (and then approved by its leader) to do nothing but scare the crap out of people in order to gain power  —  should be summarily ignored and treated by Canadians as, well, roadkill. These people show nothing but an utter contempt for the very people they purport to “care” about. They treat them Canadians as stupid. Naive. Gullible. Idiots. They treat us as roadkill on their precious highway to power.

Strident? Maybe, but I think these power-hungry jerks politicians who will do or say anything  —  including lying and fear-mongering and anything else at any cost to simply win political power… have by default relinquished their moral authority to ever win seats in elections. And to be taken seriously by anyone, including their enablers in the Canadian news media, who are ultimately responsible for anyone in this country even knowing who the hell the NDP are in the first place.

And I have even less respect for all these people than I did before. As you should.

And what’s with the folksy name-change for the NDP leader, socialist Frenchman Thomas Mulcair? It’s “Tom” now, is it? If the above is what you think of Canada’s citizens  —  that is, gullible, naive, idiots  —  I think your last name should be Tom Don’tcare. “Fighting for you” my butt roast.

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