“The government beat the citizens! Yay!” —an elitist Canadian socialist

The Liberal Party’s very own state-owned CBC’s “news” (hahahahaha) anchor, Rosemary Barton, tweeted the worst tweet since, I don’t know, since her last tweet.

Blurting out select viewer statistics for the state-owned, taxpayer-funded media welfare case which is the awful CBC, Barton boastfully and proudly — rather than quietly and shamefully — claims the state-owned behemoth “won the night.”

“Won the night.”

The government and its power and money (“its” — as if), “won”… by beating the same county’s people and their private enterprise efforts. That’s “winning” to a socialist. The government beat the citizens, ipso facto: “winning!”  What a disgrace to democracy.

Let’s clarify; The government beat or, um, “won the night” — against its own citizens — against whom they are in competition — using as their weapon these citizens’ own money and resources. Yay. Socialism is so yummy and useful and self-satisfying (if you are the government) because the stupid people don’t have a chance against the government and its (“its”) money and power, which is what makes it such a “winning” ideology and business model (“business model”) for freedom-haters and for the destruction of any democracy. But whatever, the government “won the night” which is the point, the ends justify the means, so shut up, or we’ll (literally) make you shut up, and pay your damn (rising) taxes.

And I love the childish “fire” emojis too. So grown up. So professional.
What a twit.
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