An Islamic terrorist political party that is violently anti-Israel won the Palestinian elections yesterday.  The party’s main goal in life is the total destruction and annihilation of Israel and all of its people.

I wonder if Paul Martin’s Liberals are still pleased that they so supported the Palestinian cause including the United Nation Works and Relief Organization (UNWRA), which acknowledged it hires Hamas members, with our taxpayer cash (to the tune of $10 MILLION per year).

Hamas is a terrorist organization, even in Canada now, although Liberal leader Jean Chretien first declared that Hamas was not a terrorist organization at all.  He thought they were just fine.  The Liberal leader said that Hamas has a charitable wing that runs schools, see, so that makes them good.  “Death to America”, in other words, is “good” to teach the young ‘uns, if I understand him correctly. 

By not declaring them a terrorist organization, they could legally raise money in Canada.  The Liberals apparently supported this. 

From an old National Post article on file:

Senior leaders of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas were overheard by FBI agents discussing their lucrative fundraising efforts in Canada, according to documents filed in a Washington court.

At a clandestine meeting in Philadelphia, the alleged members of Hamas—which has staged scores of suicide bombings and shootings against civilians—detailed their Canadian money-making success.

“They also encouraged more fundraising activities in Canada,” according to the FBI report, based on secret surveillance of the meeting. “They talked openly about opening an … office in Canada.

“It was mentioned that [a proposal for] such an office was submitted to the Canadian government three times and isn’t approved yet.” But donations flowed from Canada nonetheless, the document suggests.

Hamas is a designated terrorist organization in the United States and Britain but not in Canada, where—almost a year after the Sept. 11 attacks—the Liberal Cabinet has outlawed only al-Qaeda and six affiliated groups under its new anti-terrorism law.

[…] The report, based on electronic eavesdropping, provides the latest evidence that terrorist organizations have been collecting money in Canadian cities to finance Islamic extremism.

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