Socialist North Korea told to “eat less,” on account of “there’s no food”

This is what young Canadians favor in all manner of polls these days.

Perhaps Kim Jong Un just needs to raise taxes on the rich. Or buy electric cars for his serfs, or get them to be less racist, or something.

I might suggest that some of these young socialists in Canada (and their parents) — well first of all they should, you know, READ THE ARTICLE — and then open their own capitalism’s iPhone and refer to capitalism’s “GOOGLE,” and look up “north korea socialist” (after they’ve had their excessively full lunch and dessert, and after they’ve thrown what they couldn’t stuff into their pie-holes, into the trash).

And I might also suggest that public schools be told (by parents who actually own them and are actually in charge) to stop teaching children that capitalism is bad, and socialism is the answer.

Joel Johannesen
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