So, other than climate change…

The implication is that everything’s good to go, and in tip-top shape, well maintained, and always has been, but for the need to prepare for the coming climate change. And that would be bullshit.

See, in the absence of climate change, no spending would be needed. Not on maintenance. Not on upgrading or extending dikes. And not on building up better roadways due to increasing our populations due to unending immigration. No upgrades are needed, ever, and no monetary expenditure is ever required, other than because of that pernicious climate change. And the Abbotsford areas hardest hit were not once lakes, which “experts” and genius governments decided to drain and dike (with maintenance-free dikes, as well as being self-repairing and self-expanding) a hundred years ago. Etc.

This is the stuff of idiots. Not science. Not sound economics. Not truth.

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