“She was a serious person. Then she discovered Twitter.”

Call it comeuppance or call it sweet justice, but whatever you do, don’t call it unfair, because it isn’t.

Joe Biden’s pick for Director of the Office of Management and Budget has been caught-out as a Twitter troll and, may pay the price for it as she should, given the left’s calculous of cancelling and literally ruining the lives of many on the right who said anything bad, or even “bad,” ever in their lives.

One of their own is getting the same flick-off normally reserved for the right. It’s literally “social justice” at work here. So right back ‘atcha, leftists!

Neera Tanden’s Death by Twitter
…For readers by now wondering how the phrases “Neera Tanden” and “U.S. budget director” fit together, let it be noted that Ms. Tanden was once president of the Center for American Progress, a left-of-center think tank that has published fact-filled policy papers on public issues. Which is to say that in an earlier life, Ms. Tanden was a serious person. Then she discovered Twitter.

I’m fascinated at how so many people who become addicted to social media’s hourly injections of bile think that somehow it’s not really public, or that no one beyond their troll world will notice…

When this divisive, partisan hack was nominated by Joe Biden the great unifier, Tanden quickly deleted over 1,000 tweets (or had paid operatives do it for her, because that’s a monumental task) in her effort to hide her childish, patently insulting, radically partisan, well, b-word tweets directed at Republicans over the years.

But only an idiot thinks tweets can be erased from the internet ether, which of course weren’t. And so I have to suppose that aside from being a childish boor, she is also an idiot.

…But it’s hard to credit progressives’ complaints about punishing Ms. Tanden for free, if ill-considered, speech when they have transformed what people say—going back to writings in college—into a justification for routine political and personal destruction. When that stops, the free-speech dialogues can begin…

Even “when that stops,” I’m not ready to re-start any free-speech discussion with the leftists. I’m looking for them to first go through some “reconciliation” and “truth commissions” and “sessions of ‘radical listening’” with folks on the right, and “structural bias training” and “restorative justice” and a huge public shaming and forced apologies which all leftist newspapers will be forced to publish, and total career ruination, and a good dose of family destruction, and a couple of years of what I might call “woke brain rehab” offered by the Prager University or some good organization like that of my choosing. Then we’ll talk.