Quebec Deaths Per Million Worse Than Most Countries Including USA —by 42%

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The Article

How are Canada and its provinces doing regarding the Wuhan Chinese Communist Coronavirus? Here’s some numbers I drew-up this morning, May 11 2020. These are in order of deaths per million:

Deaths Population
Deaths Per Million
Quebec 2928 8.54 342.95
USA 79406 327.12 242.74
Canada 4906 37.89 129.46
Ontario 1669 14.71 113.45
Alberta 117 4.41 26.51
British Columbia 129 5.11 25.24
Newfoundland & Labrador 3 0.52 5.75
Saskatchewan 6 1.18 5.08
Manitoba 7 1.38 5.08


The U.S.A. has been deceptively held out by the news media and other lefties as a model of virus failure —largely because “Trump,” of course. If Barack Obama or Joe Biden were president, America would be held out as something completely different. The numbers are bad. Just not as comparatively bad as some people want to believe. And I won’t even go into the fact that America is the number one travel country in the world (both to and from) —travel inarguably being by far the chief culprit behind the virus numbers, aside from the many Democratic mayors and congress people encouraging people to go to bars and restaurants and to celebrate Chinese New Year; and the anti-Trump (or the trying to be Opposite-Trump) news media downplaying the virus as nothing more than the flu, etc., after Donald Trump shut the border to Chinese visitors, then being called a racist and xenophobe because it was supposedly all such an overreaction and so unnecessary…

Like Quebec is to Canada, death-numbers-wise, New York state’s numbers are to the U.S.A., only NY’s are even worse. They’re way, way out of whack — way more so than Quebec’s compared to Canada. New York’s death rate from the virus is about 1380 per million. If it weren’t for New York state (and add New Jersey right next door, which is about as bad), the USA’s death numbers would be dramatically lower per million. For example, in huge California, (same population as Canada), the death rate is only 70 per million (compared to 129 per million in Canada). Texas: 39 per million.

There are of course some explanations for New York’s numbers, including the fact that NY city-dwellers live, work, and commute so tightly packed together; and they have an idiot mayor, Bill de Blasio, who literally implored New Yorkers to go out to restaurants and enjoy life as usual well after the virus epidemic struck. New York is also an especially enormous travel hub (mostly to and from hard-hit Europe but also China). They were also woefully unprepared. This I can say for almost every government, everywhere. It’s a global basic massive failure of governments to do their most basic job.

For their part, Quebecers were encouraged to go and enjoy spring break all over the world, at the exact wrong time, and well before the time the Canadian government finally figured out that despite their hate of Trump and his correct, early decision to close borders, Canada, too, needed to close its borders (and not just fake it, as they did at first and until mid-April). Allowing the virus to spread across Quebec and Canada was a calculated political choice the Trudeau Liberals made. It was not based on science, evidence, logic, or reason. Trudeau and his government have blood on their hands, and this is one of the rare unfortunate times I can legitimately use that awful allegation.

America was hard-hit, but America’s numbers aren’t close to being as bad as some other countries. Belgium, at number one, is atrocious at double America’s. And here we thought Italy was the standard for “awful.” Spain, the U.K., and France, are not far behind Belgium, and are all way worse than the U.S. (but reserve a special slot in your mind for China, Russia, and other lying nations).

I’m taking a keen interest in Sweden (which has also done better than all those countries above), despite going in a completely different way than other countries —basically not shutting down its economy as everyone else did. There, they are going with the herd immunity idea and we’ll eventually see how that works out, much later. But this is the key; they will not suffer a “second wave” as we and everyone else will. (I would argue we never even had a first wave, since it was suppressed by all the measures we’ve take in closing down our countries. But I’ll go along with the terminology anyway. Sweden certainly did have their first, and one could argue, ONLY wave.) As a result, they will also not also suffer economically and in the myriad other ways that we will.

People who speak of Sweden failing are (A) wrong on the numbers just on the face of it, as  they’re doing better than several others, and (B) wrong because to compare any country with Sweden at this point is folly. Until well after the second and possibly third wave sweep our nations (but won’t seep Sweden), we can’t know the end results. As I said, even now, Sweden compares favorably to lots of other countries, but after this is all over, in a year or two, or whenever, Sweden might come out looking better than others, comparatively, and have a much, much more robust economy to boot; and far, far less human and business suffering and suffering in the myriad other ways we, here, will suffer for a generation or more.

Here are the other countries’ numbers (excluding China and North Korea and others, which cannot be taken seriously since Communist Party dictatorships are liars. I suspect many other countries’ numbers are complete nonsense as well. Russia, Venezuela, Mexico, and many others’ are much, much higher than even the hardest-hit legitimate countries’ reporting, I suspect).

Deaths Population
Deaths Per Million
Belgium 8,656 11.42 757.83
Spain 26,621 46.72 569.75
Italy 30,560 60.43 505.7
United Kingdom 31,855 66.49 479.1
France 26,354 66.99 393.42
Sweden 3,225 10.18 316.7
Netherlands 5,440 17.23 315.71
Ireland 1,458 4.85 300.4
United States 79,406 327.17 242.71
Switzerland 1,833 8.52 215.23
Canada 4,991 37.06 134.68
Ecuador 2,127 17.08 124.5
Portugal 1,135 10.28 110.39
Germany 7,569 82.93 91.27
Denmark 529 5.8 91.25
Iran 6,640 81.8 81.17
Austria 618 8.85 69.85
Peru 1,889 31.99 59.05
Panama 244 4.18 58.42
Brazil 11,123 209.47 53.1
Romania 961 19.47 49.35
Slovenia 102 2.07 49.34
Finland 267 5.52 48.39
Moldova 169 3.55 47.66
Turkey 3,786 82.32 45.99
Estonia 60 1.32 45.42
North Macedonia 91 2.08 43.69
Hungary 421 9.77 43.1
Norway 219 5.31 41.21
Dominican Republic 388 10.63 36.51
Puerto Rico 111 3.2 34.74
Bosnia and Herzegovina 107 3.32 32.19
Serbia 215 6.98 30.79
Israel 252 8.88 28.37
Mexico 3,465 126.19 27.46
Czechia 280 10.63 26.35
Croatia 90 4.09 22.01
Poland 800 37.98 21.06
United Arab Emirates 198 9.63 20.56
Lithuania 50 2.79 17.92
Chile 312 18.73 16.66
Armenia 46 2.95 15.58
Kosovo 28 1.85 15.17
Greece 151 10.73 14.08
Kuwait 58 4.14 14.02
Belarus 131 9.49 13.81
Cyprus 16 1.19 13.45
Russia 1,915 144.48 13.25
Bulgaria 91 7.02 12.96
Algeria 502 42.23 11.89



Canada deaths source:

Canada population source:

Global deaths per million with populations source:

Provincial deaths source:

State-by-state deaths source:


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