PTBC email: Woe is me, I’m a “Canadian victim”.

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The Article

Isn’t this what the Queen is for?  Because I’m not paid for this.


From: “elizabeth s”
Sent: Friday, December 04, 2009 5:11 AM
Subject: What a joke!  I could be proud if not for a few t…

What a joke!
I could be proud if not for a few things pissing me off.
How about quitting your job because of Workplace Bullying! No laws to help the victim. I should know.
Total Legal rights, against Porno Freaks!
I read this week and last in Newspapers, there is still some benefits left for these perv’s. Not all Internet Providers, have to give into the law and it’s victims!
Hard to picture, in this day in age, these two things are still aloud to happen.
Canadian Victim

Dear “Canadian victim”:

So your answer is to write an email and call Canada ” a joke” —or at least call the concept of being “proud to be Canadian” a joke?  You choose to direct your energy toward rattling off an email — to me of all people — and complaining like a coyote yelping at the moon?  And offer no good positive concrete solutions? 

And you have the unmitigated gall to sign off as “Canadian victim”?

So no, while I hope you got it off your chest and can move forward more positively today after firing that thing off to me, that’s not why I’m here with my very expensive web site.  You won’t find a sympathetic ear here, at least not on that basis.  Send me some cash to make working on this web site pay off and worthwhile.  Send me positive ideas that I can actually post to my site.  Work with me.  PTBC needs tons of help in a hundred different areas (you probably noticed that and complained about it to someone already). 

Be a Canadian, for God’s sake.  Like the good strong enterprising pioneering Canadians who built this “joke” of a country you’re such a “victim” of.  Right now you just sound like another modern-day liberal yelping like a coyote. Or, I dare say, an all-too-typical Canadian.

Not a victim, at all,
Joel Johannesen

P.S.  The Queen’s contact info:

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,
Buckingham Palace,

General inquiries can be made by telephone during working hours: (+44) (0)20 7930 4832.

Apparently they don’t provide an email addy.  Go figure.

Joel Johannesen
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