Pray yourself, Barbara Yaffe, liberals

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The Article

The gall of liberals in the media to redefine Canadians in the liberal mould is astounding.

In her July 22 2004 Vancouver Sun editorial Barbara Yaffe accuses Christians of laying it on too thick when they call Svend Robinson an “ultra left-wing homosexual”.  Inasmuch as he is an ultra left-winger who counts the communist dictator Fidel Castro as one of his heroes, and after trying but failing to get an audience with Yasser Arafat and nonetheless taking sides with the Palestinians against the Israelis, and as a man who was (is?) a major player in the socialist—again


NDP, I’m not sure where Yaffe thinks the Christians went wrong.

Not on the “homosexual” part, surely.  Maybe Yaffe missed the press conference.  Robinson called himself a….


.  Robinson has based half his career on catering to that minority interest group. 

Yaffe spends her whole editorial lambasting Christians and warning Conservatives, of which she is decidedly not, that they best fear the Christians.  The title of her editorial is:

The Christians are coming to ‘help’ Harper

.  The quotes around


are hers.

“They do not represent Main Street,” she sniffs.  Oh?  What do Christians represent if not Main Street?  Are most people in Canada not Christians?  Do most Canadians not describe themselves as Christians?

Let’s review:  Seven out of every 10 Canadians identify themselves as either Roman Catholic or Protestant, according to data from the 2001 Census.  In addition, 16% of the population in 2001 identified themselves as having no religion.  In 2001, just four in 10 adults reported that they had


attended religious services during the 12 months prior to the survey.  By that analysis, Yaffe is living far from Main Street, over on Dream Street.  Or Lie Street, for it’s hard to imagine a former Globe & Mail reporter and CBC reporter not knowing about a StatsCan census what with all the inside track those left-wing outfits have on government departments.

She describes the group Concerned Christians Canada and their desire to inject Christian values into the Conservatives Party as

“the worst news the party has had since MP Randy White’s outrageous diatribe against the courts surfaced the weekend before the June 28 election.”

  I presume she’s referring to the same Randy White who absolutely trounced his opponents in the election and won by a landslide?  The one who dared say that abortion on demand is not acceptable?  The gall of that radical right-wing conservative nutjob!  Inasmuch as 52 per cent of Canadians believe there should be restrictions on abortion, of which there are none now, we’re a country living on “Radical Nutjob Avenue”.  Yaffe is still on Dream Street, hoping for her values to rise, assuming she has some.

Yaffe says that for Harper and his team, the CCC sending delegates to the upcoming Conservative convention is

“a disaster waiting to happen”

.  Whenever a liberal warns a conservative of “disaster”, you know you’re being bamboozled.

“Its rants will reinforce every fear non-believers from coast to coast

[all 16 per cent of them]

hold about the freshly merged party.”

  Ironically, “Believers” believe that “Non-believers” ought very much to think about fear.  That’s half the point.  But what Yaffe actually fears is what most Canadians believe in—God, Christianity, and religion. She’s a liberal.  The national anthem itself must tick her off because it asks God to keep our land glorious and free.

When a liberal offers you a piece of advice, take it to the nearest trash heap, or your lawyer.  Like this one Yaffe offers to Stephen Harper:

“Mr. Harper should agree to donate money to this group on condition they

do not

come within 1,000 km of his MPs.”


As long as Liberals run the joint, they’ll let Al-Jazeera in, but by any means possible—even bribery and pay-offs—keep the damn Christians out of this country!

She says that

“these family-values diehards aren’t the voters Mr. Harper needs.  He has their support and they have nowhere else to go.”

  Again with the sound liberal advice.  Appeal to the anti-family underclass!


what Canada and the Conservative Party needs more of—moral destructionists! Not people who believe in family, community, caring, loving, God…. .  But revealingly, she admits the people with family values have nowhere else to go.  OOPS!  Was that a typo?  Doesn’t say much for her beloved liberal-left now does it?

She admits that

“Trouble is,”

(and ‘trouble’ was her word),

“if this group is determined to infiltrate the party, there’s not much he can do to stop them.”

  That concerns Yaffe and all liberals. 

Liberals let known Al Qaeda members “infiltrate” into Canada using false documents to fool the Immigration and Refugee Board which is stacked from top to bottom with Liberal Party patronage appointments, then provide them with welfare and free medical care and offer them Al-Jazeera to keep them up-to-date on the latest jihad plans, but Christians “infiltrating” into anything is what worries them.  Christians (the vast majority of Canadians) have yet to attack America or Canada or pose a deadly threat to our very existence, but just being Christians is apparently enough of threat to the liberal-left to warrant warnings of “infiltration”.  Remember:  Saddam Hussein “was not a threat”.  See how that works?

The stated goals of the CCC are to strengthen the family, end taxpayer-funded abortions, and lower taxes for families.  Yaffe warns the Conservatives against that.  The group opposes gay marriage (half the country does).  What a group of crazies.

Barbara Yaffe’s deceit and intolerance is pure liberal.  Liberals love to spin facts and speak of the intolerance of the right when in fact there are no more intolerant a people than the liberal-left.  Here’s the “tolerant” words she used in this piece: 

  • “This has to be the worst news the party has received…”

  • “…since Randy White’s outrageous diatribe…”

  • “CCC is a disaster waiting to happen…

  • “Its rants will reinforce every fear”

  • Harper should donate money to this group “on condition the do not come within 1,000 km of his MPs.”

  • “…does not represent Main Street. It appears stuck at 100 Huntley Street.”

  • “These family-value diehards…”

  • “This group is determined to infiltrate the party”

  • “…there’s not much he can do to stop them.”

    Then Yaffe has the fortitude, from whence it came I do not know, to say

    “… it is disconcerting to hear a Christian Group using language so intolerant of those who hold different views”

    , in reference to the CCC calling Joe Clark and others who utter anti-Christian views, as “anti-Christian”, and for calling Svend Robinson an “ultra left-wing homosexual.”

    She concludes with her last bit of advice, which Harper and conservatives should have learned by now is not advice designed to help


    , per se, but rather “her Canada”:

    “Best he get down on his hands and knees and start praying to the Lord Almighty that these folks don’t show up in droves at next year’s policy convention.”

    I strongly suggest Barbara Yaffe get down on her hands and knees and prays to God—any God—for forgiveness, because “Canada is founded upon the principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law” (Constitution Act 1982—Charter Of Rights and Freedoms).

    By Joel Johannesen

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