Poll: More than half of San Fran residents plan to ditch

The city known as Liberal-left Progressive Central, San Fransisco, is doing about as well as President Joe Biden. Which is to say terribly.

San Francisco Chronicle
Poll finds more than half of Bay Area residents plan to leave. 

…the number of residents actually planning to leave the region in “the next few years” — around 56% of more than 1,600 people surveyed.

Well actually, to be fair to Hapless Joe, San Fran is doing a little worse than him (he’s at 52.3% unfavorable to 43% favorable, while a whole 56% of San Franciscans find their city to be unfavorable).

The SF Chronicle tries very hard to make it about the cost of housing, and I’m sure they’re right about that. But it’s probably more about what you get for all that money. Like shit on the streets, homelessness everywhere you go, and left-wing woke politics thrust down your throat every minute of every day. You can check the official “San Fransisco Poop Map” web page for locations, but suffice it to say that there’s crap everywhere. Human crap.

Around 90% of respondents expressed concerns about housing, cost of living and homelessness. Across the board, just 48% of those polled said they believe the Bay Area is “moving in the right direction.”

To score lefty points from among the headline-only readers, their sub-head tries to blame “climate concerns.” Yet “climate concerns” is not mentioned once in the story. “Climate” is not even mentioned. (This BS being thrust down their throats is exactly what they’re trying to escape from!)

Their subhead:

So yeah, let’s call it “housing costs.” It’s cheap at half 1/10 the price.

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