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I was alarmed.  Liberals are all about the inclusive.  And yet they excluded one historical old group of progressives today, amid his other campaign gaffes and stumbles.

Paul Martin again appealed to the “progressives” today, to join forces against the resident evil (you know who you are you sneaky conservative Canadians!).  Evil forces, as you well know, are going to put poor Canadian people in jail and allow old Canadian folks to die, while fighting with their (duly registered) rifles in the streets of… Regina or something. If I understand correctly.

And once again people, “progressive” is code for “liberal”, and is a word increasingly being used by both the you’ve got to be kidding party (the NDP —snicker) and the Liberals, who both claim it as their own.

The NDP refuse to call themselves “socialists” despite what their own party’s constitution says, perhaps for fear of scaring people since Canada is not a socialist country by nature and people do not share their socialist values despite what their leader insists on TV every single day in that ever-so-earnest fashion.

And the Liberals, as nearly socialist as they often proudly are, don’t call themselves socialists either, and can’t even call themselves “liberals” anymore except when referring to the name of the party which itself may change after this election due to a complete collapse of their vote.  They now pump themselves up as “progressives”, as we’ve seen.

Today, Team Paul Martin/Liberal even begged the Green Party and their “progressives” to join in the big “progressive” allied force against conservative Canadians like you and me, since we want to destroy the joint, as you know.  They want every single cotton pickin “progressive” to join them.  Party affiliation be damned!  Be united!  All of us!  Together! As a progressive collective!

Which is when I stumbled on this rallying cry on another “progressive” campaign web site.  This site also calls for a united “progressive” front against conservatives.  Look here for example:

…We will also support efforts to unite all labour, democratic and progressive forces to prevent the election of a Liberal majority, and an even more dangerous Tory majority, and work to elect the largest possible bloc of progressive candidates and parties…

(I love that line “…an even more dangerous Tory majority…”.)

Here’s the website I got that quote from:

So my free tip to progressive leader Liberal Progressive Paul Martin is to remember to also ask the Communist Party of Canada to join them when he next calls out for all “progressives” to join in the war against evil.  They’re “progressive” too!  And you progressives are all about being inclusive!

The banner at the top of their website also says that it’s “Canada’s socialist party”, which will supremely tick off the you’ve got to be kidding party, since they — the NDP — are supposed to be Canada’s socialist party.

On the other hand, the Communist Party of Canada and the Conservative Party of Canada both claim “CPC” as their initials. I somehow doubt there’ll be any confusion however, in this case.

Here’s more from the progressive and also communist web site:

A People’s Coalition of progressive forces, including Communists, NDPers, and progressive Greens, as well as trade unionists, peace and environmental activists, representatives of the women’s and students’ movements – these are the forces that are needed in Parliament to achieve real and progressive change, and to block the right.

I note they didn’t list the Libs. So tit for tat.  Paul Martin (“tit”), forgot to name the Communist Party of Canada as part of Team Progressive, but the latter (“tat”) forgot to name the Liberals in theirs.  So it’s an equal outcome, which is par for the commie course.

UPDATE: Just heard on CTV Newsnet – Reporter Roger Smith quipped that on the Liberal campaign plane, the reporters in the back of the plane are all joking that tomorrow, the Liberals are going to start appealing to the progressives of the Marijuana Party, the Rhinoceros Party, the Marxist-Leninist Party, and any other progressives they can think of. Huh.

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