Obama to be interviewed on Fox News Channel; CBC reports on it being “unfriendly territory”

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The Article

image “Unfriendly territory” is a subjective thing of course.  A viewpoint.  An opinion.  But whatever.  Apparently it’s not any of those things if you’re the left-wing CBC news.  It’s apparently a self-evident truth that Fox News Channel is de facto, “unfriendly territory”.

But first, the CBC anchor Carole MacNeil called Fox News Channel the “Fox Television Network”, which even most people not remotely connected to news and media know are two completely different things.  And only then did she glibly refer to it, in that newsy Fox News Channel-hating CBC way, as “unfriendly territory”.  No explanation provided. Self evident.

Fantastic reporting.  Now the irony:  Other news channels including the left-wing CBC are indeed “friendly territory” for Obama, which is of course something that should be the furthest thing from true with regard to news outfits.  But with their obvious pro-Obama bias and helpful agenda-driving, it is what makes them so absolutely terrible and imageuntrustworthy and ratings losers.  So she’s spot on about Fox (by which I mean the Fox News Channel).  Being “unfriendly territory” is a good thing, inasmuch as news channels shouldn’t be friendly, or unfriendly, or any such thing, any more than you should be “best friends” with your kids. 

But in case she meant “unfriendly” from the viewer’s standpoint, well she’s wrong there too.  Fox News Channel is by far the most watched cable news channel, usually doubling CNN viewership and sometimes doubling all of the competition combined, and is in fact watched by far more “friendlies”  —i.e., independents and Democrats and liberals who elected him — than any other channel.  This has been proven by all manner of viewer statistics time and again, including here at PTBC countless times.  So how FNC can be called “unfriendly territory” by anyone but rather ignorant leftists and liberals, and especially by news anchors for national news media, is beyond my comprehension.  As usual, Fox News Channel critics betray themselves as people who Susan Bonnernever even watch it, and know utterly nothing about it, but pretend to know everything.

The CBC reporter on the scene, Susan Bonner, then quotes an Obama staffer as describing Obama’s interview on Fox News Channel — only his second such foray into “unfriendly territory” with the first being just prior to his election — as “going back to the scene of the crime”, this time in order to gain desperately needed support for his Obamacare plans. 

Fox News Channel is the best channel available in Canada.  You should contact your cable or satellite service to get it.  It’s completely different.  For example, you don’t just see and hear a left-wing point of view and then for “balance”, a further left-wing point of view from experts and analysts on stories.  You actually see and hear from conservatives too! And this is of course why liberals and leftists call it biased and unfair.  I see their points.  When you allow conservatives to say things, it blows their idiocy up and exposes them.  So they’re right.  It’s a pretty unfair fight.  It’s really quite astonishing to most Canadians who have never seen anything like it, most not knowing prior to watching Fox News Channel that there was such a thing as a non-left-wing point of view on anything.

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