Now, a Money Laundering Crisis in Canada. Because it’s 2019.

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The Article

The money laundering and international crime problem across Canada is today getting almost as much media attention as Justin Trudeau and his obtuse word salads, and that’s saying a lot (not his word salads which manifestly say utterly nothing, I mean what I said).

Exposed now as a bigger crisis than most people knew, we’re also learning that it was decades in the making, and is nation-wide. BC is often cited as money-laundering central, but  B.C. only accounted for 15 per cent of the $47-billion laundered across Canada last year. And we now know that even if we lowly citizens had hard suspicions, governments all knew about it.

See: B.C. vows crackdown after Globe investigation reveals money-laundering scheme

All levels of multiple governments are once again proving to be totally inept; totally incompetent in managing basic law and order, to say nothing of the other important files. Basics like national security, the opioid crisis, illegal immigration, homelessness, and Canada’s state-run monopoly healthcare system, all the way down to pothole-riddled roads and bridges. All of these basic issues are failing to one degree or another.

Three levels of government, multiple provincial and federal ministries, multiple financial agencies, multiple police forces and their various task forces, countless government rules, regulations, and policies — and basically we’ve got us a total government fail. A mess which has cost Canadians a ton, on top of the taxes paid to prevent it.

Obviously it’s not the government that committed these crimes — that we know of as yet — but rather gangs, mobs, and the immigrants who crap on Canada as if it were a toilet, who committed them. But wow, this is not a “government success story” for you big-government lovers to boast about, to say the least.

I predict various politicians of the left-wing tribe will nonetheless suggest that if we pay higher taxes and fees, and they load us up with more yummy policies and rules and bureaucracy, and establish new and bigger government agencies, then fer sure they’ll be able to fix the problem they allowed to fester in the first place. Big government advocates always think if government made a mess, the problem was underfunding, and so more funding and bigger government will fix the mess. Rinse and repeat.

It’s not hard to see why governments fail on files like money laundering. First, see the above paragraph on excessively big government. Next, address focus, and obsessions with virtue-signalling and banal symbolism, and displaying one’s colorful socks as issues more important than say, money laundering. Political ideology is another.

Then there’s this bit: While Justin Trudeau and the Liberals fumble the ball on basic law and order (and I’m not even talking about SNC-Lavalin or the Mark Norman cases because they require too many words, many of them real awful), Trudeau and the Liberals plod along not on regaining a grip on the growing illegal alien problem they largely started, not on strengthening our law and order (conversely, and perversely, they strive to take legal guns away from the good guys — the good, innocent, law-abiding citizens — instead of the bad guys). They focus not on our national security which is now literally falling apart, nor on any of the myriad gang and mob-related issues now dominating urban centers, not on our increasing homelessness, not on the massive opioid crisis which kills thousands of Canadians every year, not on building Canada’s productivity, not on building Canada’s oil and gas infrastructure to realize its vast potential. Nope. None of those.

Rather, Trudeau is working on virtue-signalling, various idiotic symbolic gestures, “gender identity” issues, ensuring that Canadians can get high on pot as easily as possible (even as drugs are a major source of the gang violence, mobs, and hey: money laundering!), working hard on his ridiculous “feminist” issues (and by this I mean I think he really does have issues), and ensuring that all young Canadian women (are they still called that?) can easily get a taxpayer-paid abortion, or several, at the nearest state-owned, state-run abortion clinic, and naturally, that “carbon” is taxed thus making him look good to the ever-so morally superior and not-at-all-hypocritical Hollywood liberals and millionaire set.

Good government is about being limited, and about a sharp focus, and priorities that make sense. And currently, they’re all completely screwed up here.

Some of the comments to the Globe and Mail articles about this this week are good.


This ongoing ‘dirty money’ disaster has been thirty years in the making.
Governments of all stripes have been quite useless in preventing it.
Ironically, many of the posters here, who are decrying the government’s ineptitude, are still convinced that giving more money to the government will save them from climate change.


Don’t waste your time flapping your figurative gums in The Globe.  Write or call your MP and MPP and ask them what their government plans to do about this problem.

And while you’re at it ask them how come with three levels of government, thousands of well paid employees, thousands of well paId politicians, who must surely have had some inkling of what was going on, it takes a Globe article to bring this to light?

Sometimes I wonder what I get for the taxes I pay.

Jack Reacher

Canadians are way over taxed when you look at the performance of politicians and government managers. They just cannot do their jobs. If money laundering drove home prices up 5%, and it was probably more like 20%, that was another tax home buyers had to pay on their home purchase because of poor enforcement and government policing of the system to protect BC families from organized crime.






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