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Toronto Sun’s editorial this morning does to Paul Martin what Maureen Dowd did to George Bush.  But unlike Dowd, they begin with an apology.  I’m not sure why they have to bow to that liberal moonbat and apologize, as conservatives always do, just to make valid points about Liberal (One) Prime Minister Paul (“we lead the world”) Martin. 

The first thing conservatives in Canada should learn is that they should stop apologizing for anything.  Why do conservatives always feel the compulsion to apologize for their positions?  And why do liberals expect an apology?  It reminds me of a tiny news article I read a few months back, about a speech Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper was giving to a town hall gathering.  The article began with these words:  “Stephen Harper offered no apologies for his position on traditional marriage…”. 

Why are conservatives in Canada so emphatic about apologizing?  Why do the liberal media think conservatives are obligated to apologize for their positions?  Is it any wonder the Conservatives are going nowhere fast?  They’re turning into the very pantywaists I always decry the liberals to be.

Personally, I think the liberals should quite literally get down on their knees and beg Canadians for forgiveness.  Then we should kick them out on their fat butts for a generation.  In the meantime we as Canadians should sue them in a class action for $250 million dollars.  Those liberals who don’t end up in jail should be forced to pay up over the course of their remaining lifetimes.  I make no apologies. 

A few years back, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd wrote about what it was like, from a liberal perspective, to live in George Bush’s world.

For her, at least, it wasn’t a pretty picture.

With apologies to Dowd, then, here’s what it’s like, from a conservative perspective, to live in Paul Martin’s world.

In Paul Martin’s world, the Liberals reignite the long-dormant fires of Quebec separatism through their blatantly corrupt sponsorship program, and Stephen Harper is to blame.

In Paul Martin’s world, NDP Leader Jack Layton is a reckless, free-spending socialist who would bankrupt the country, up until the moment Martin needs him to save his own hide.

In Paul Martin’s world, it’s wrong for Harper to co-operate with the Bloc Quebecois, but it’s okay for Martin to have as his Quebec lieutenant a co-founder of the Bloc Quebecois.

In Paul Martin’s world, his government has the right to horde ever-increasing surpluses, while taxpayers upon whom those surpluses were built, have no right to complain that they can’t get timely medical care or even find a family doctor.

In Paul Martin’s world, if anyone does complain about this, as Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has been doing of late, he is being un-Canadian.

In Paul Martin’s world, it’s patriotic to bash Alberta for experimenting with private medicare, but unpatriotic to criticize Quebec for perfecting it.

In Paul Martin’s world, no one is competent to run the country but him, no matter how many blunders he makes.

In Paul Martin’s world, no political party is competent to govern except the Liberals, no matter how corrupt they become.

In Paul Martin’s world, the only people capable of ending Liberal corruption are … Liberals.

In Paul Martin’s world, it was right for voters to toss out a corrupt Conservative government in 1993, but it would be wrong to toss out a corrupt Liberal government in 2005.

In Paul Martin’s world, it’s wrong to have an election this year before Judge John Gomery holds his final public hearing into AdScam, but it was right for him to call an election last year before Judge Gomery held his first public hearing into AdScam.

In Paul Martin’s world, Conservatives can’t be trusted to keep their promises, even though many of their promises are simply promises to do things the Liberals promised, but didn’t do.

All this is what Paul Martin’s world is like right now.

Imagine what it will be like if he wins another election.

[… With apologies to the Toronto Sun for reprinting nearly the entire editorial.  Click here and read the rest (2 seconds) …]

Joel Johannesen
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