The Globe and Mail may not see a difference between Big Government and private enterprise, or maybe they yearn for an end to that difference as that does seem to be the way of progressives today, but in fact, in truth, in reality, and until they manage to change it, Big Government is not the same thing as the “Corporate World.”

They go on and on in their reporting about “corporations.”

“Public tolerance for bad behaviour in corporate Canada is perhaps at an all-time low, exacerbated by a heightened sense of injustice as to how the rich and powerful have weathered the pandemic, say some of the country’s top public-relations experts.”

The “rich and powerful” they are referring to here is not from “corporate Canada” (not that I have any love lost for actual corporate progressives either), but rather, it’s rich, powerful, Big Government people who are appointed by the Federal Finance Minister and are under her employ — not that of shareholders or business owners.

The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board is a pure state-owned and state-run operation. Big Government. 100% owned by the state, and executive posts are appointed by politicians and deep state actors just like at the state-owned CBC or the Department of Gender Fluid Equity. You can try to make this about capitalism all you want, but this is about government actors. And it should be filed NOT under the heading “CORPORATE CANADA,” as it deceptively is, but under “BIG-ASS GOVERNMENT” or some such reality.

As always, this years-long effort by progressives at blurring the lines — and the success it has achieved — reminds me of my post from many years ago about a guy — a sort of unwitting useful idiot — who decided he needed to sue the 100% government-owned division of the Big BC Government hideously called the BC Lottery “Corporation”, and saying to the eager newspaper reporter that his reason for suing that “corporation” was this:  “It’s about keeping corporations honest, that’s really what it’s about.”

Here’s a snapshot of that bit of nonsense:

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