Nice try, Butts. FAIL. On the basis of you being ABSURD.


Justin Trudeau’s increasingly desperate-sounding General, the unaffable Gerald Butts, tweeted this malign bit of tripe this morning, in an effort to diffuse the rather rotten taste in Canadians’ mouths post-Barack Obama’s (“American-style,” “foreign interference”-style, etc) endorsement of fellow progressive leftist Justin Trudeau. (I’m still wondering if Trudeau’s idiotic Foreign Interference Emergency Task Squad — of whatever — is on this!)

It’s a miss. The IDU is not a national foreign power, world leader, or even a former world leader. I’ve never even heard of them. And incidentally, although Stephen Harper is a Conservative, he is also a Canadian, though I do understand you may have some difficulty grappling with what might seem to you to be incongruous facts.

Also, for what it’s worth:

And more for what it’s worth:


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