CBC tweets for Liberals. Nevertheless, Conservatives persisted.

Who needs a Liberal Party campaign fund when you’ve got the whole government working for you? Conservatives wasting their time even trying? Look at these two very recent tweets. The CBC’s is longer.

With the CBC and other media similarly carrying water for the Liberals, why even bother?

I searched for any tweets containing any CBC tweets of Scheer/Conservative policy pronouncements or election campaign bromides comparable to this one for their Justin, above.

Here’s the previous Canadian election tweet which speaks to party policy:

A Conservative policy but countered by a Liberal argument. Katie Simpson was covering the Scheer campaign I thought. Is she doing oppo research for the Liberals or covering the Conservatives?

Here’s the tweet (on policy) before that:

“Despite Justin Trudeau’s previous denial…” Again with the oppo research on behalf of the Liberals, whenever the Conservatives accuse Trudeau or the Liberals of something. But not the other way around. The CBC continually asks Andrew Scheer and every Conservative about abortion and gay marriage, suggesting, I think, their old bromide about a Conservative “hidden agenda,” despite repeated Conservative denials over decades.

Here’s the one before that:

No counterpoint to Singh’s pronouncements. No counterpoint to Trudeau’s pronouncements. Just to Scheer’s. I had to scroll down to yesterday morning at 7:44 AM for a tweet simply reporting on a Conservative Party policy pronouncement. But it’s brief!

But then even as I am completing this post, they tweet this: another Conservative point buffered by another Liberal counterpoint. It seems it’s always a point-counterpoint when the Conservatives say something. The Conservatives say this, but the Liberals and Justin Trudeau refute that by saying THIS….

UPDATE: THE CBC PERSISTED: counterpoint yummies.

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