Newsquips for Tuesday Dec. 7 2010

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The Article

1.  Headline:  “UPS, Mail Boxes Etc. demand photo ID”

They obviously agree with me.  If you’re going to ship a bomb, at least you should do it under your own real full name and email addy.

2.  Headline: “Asian-Americans earn less than whites”

Asian-American men are paid up to 29 percent less than equally qualified white males, according to a new study.  …

I object.  I realize this is an American news story even if it is on a Canadian news site, but I’m going to go ahead and be offended by being called “white” while Asian Americans and Canadians are called Asian Canadians and Asian Americans instead of being called a color.  Yup.  I insist on being called a Canadian Canadian.  I’m a Canadian Canadian.  I am womannnnn. 

Cnews article3.    Headline:  “New method delays Christmas tree needle loss”.

Can we finally put to rest that bogus canard advanced by the radical secular progressive left that pretends science and Christianity can’t mix? 

4.    And the liberal media think the “birthers” are crazy.  Headline:  Egyptian Official: Israel Could Be Behind Deadly Shark Attack

An Egyptian official believes that Israel’s intelligence agency might be behind the fatal shark attack of a German tourist in Sinai over the weekend, the Jerusalem Post reports.

“What is being said about the Mossad throwing the deadly shark (in the sea) to hit tourism in Egypt is not out of the question, but it needs time to confirm,” South Sinai Gov. Muhammad Abdel Fadil Shousha told …

My God, Gov. Muhammad Abdel Fadil Shousha ali Ding-Dong.  Are you sure you exhausted the possibility that it’s George Bush’s fault?  Or something to do with Bristol Palin?


Boo the crap out of her.  Typical response to the boos from that left-wing Palin-hating idiot:  pretend you don’t realize you’ve hit the bottom of the ditch, and keep digging.

6.  Proving that the left-wing secular progressives and that religion’s clerics, the public school teachers across America (and even more so in Canada) —don’t really care about the phantom (that’s right —it doesn’t exist) constitutional dictum of the so-called “separation of church and state”, but are really interested in not separating church and state when it allows them to bash the crap out of Christianity: 

Jesus ‘Wino’ Book Is OK at N.H. School

A New Hampshire family is up in arms and has pulled their son out of his local high school after he was assigned a book that refers to Jesus as a ‘wine-guzzling vagrant and precocious socialist’ …

7.    You know progressives and their governments have gotten out of control and failed when the progressive government of the day has to form a special new police force, paid for by good taxpaying citizens who do follow the rules and pay their taxes, just to protect the people from the very government they pay.  This, my friends, is big-government progressivism in action.

Quebec to create anti-corruption police unit
Quebec will take a page out of New York City’s crime-fighting manual, creating a permanent anti-corruption squad to probe ties between the mafia, merchants and all levels of government in the province.  …  the seemingly endless string of scandals that have rocked Quebec’s political class and eroded public confidence … to examine corruption and collusion in public contracts at all three levels of government. …

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