Fat Honkies Need Exercise, Too

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The Article

Let me get something straight right now. I do not work for the University of North Carolina. I work for the North Carolina taxpayers. And, right now, they (we) are being bankrupted by a litany of divisive, politically correct, and unnecessary government “educational” programs. I use derisive quotes around the word “educational” because these programs teach nothing more than self-pity and imagined victimhood to those who are victims of nothing other than their own bad decisions.

Take, for instance, the new “fit and phat” program at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG). This is an 8-week program that is “designed to give women of color a culturally competent place to become more educated about health and wellness.” In other words, it is another racially segregated UNC program designed to exclude white people in the name of tolerance and diversity.

According to the UNCG website, “fit and phat” will “integrate both educational sessions and exercise helping to adopt healthy, active lifestyles while attending college.” It adds the following justification for teaching that obesity is a social problem rather than an individual problem: “By addressing the sociocultural components of wellness, and needs of minority women at UNCG, we hope to see these women become advocates for their own health.”

In other words, UNCG hopes to indoctrinate black students even while they exercise. Why? To tell them that obesity is a form of institutional racism. UNCG’s hope to see black women become “advocates for their own health can roughly be translated as follows: “UNCG hopes to see black women become advocates for national health care.”

Of course, the UNCG statement could also be translated to read: “UNCG likes to create government programs to encourage the creation of more government programs.” Or it could mean: “Ultimately, UNCG administrators dream of a day when everyone else has a useless government job, too.” I guess the meaning varies based upon sociocultural factors. Maybe we need another government study to help us work thorough this.

UNCG tells us that “One of the most important reasons for women of color to be more active is the risk of cardiovascular disease.” This is earth-shattering isn’t it? Maybe they should add that one of the reasons to avoid unemployment is the risk of poverty. Or have they already met their quota of reinforcing negative stereotypes of black people?

But, to be fair, UNCG adds that “The rates of coronary artery disease (CAD) in these women are three to five times higher than the general US population (ACSM, 2008)” and that “People of any culture who are physically active are less likely to develop CAD.” I’m just glad they said “these women” instead of “those people.” That kind of misstep could have justified a whole new set of diversity training programs.

UNCG also tells us that “Differences in cultures can sometimes limit physical activity. Communities that can break down these barriers and find ways to accommodate different cultural exercises and activities can become healthier.” That’s a good point. Black people are always encouraged to avoid sports. We need to break down the barriers with another government program. Next, we’ll need a government program to help liberals understand my sarcasm.

The five goals of “fit and phat” are as follows: 1) Discuss cultural barriers of regular exercise specific to women of color, 2) Identify risk factors of cardiovascular disease and the increased risk of this group, 3) Encourage healthy habits to prevent risk factors for cardiovascular disease, 4) Develop strategies to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle, 5) Identify community resources to help participants stay active.

All of this sounds great but why does UNCG have to add that a “fit and phat” participant must “Be a woman of color (African, Asian, Latino or Native American).” Would the presence of whites interfere with the bashing of white people in the name of diversity? Perhaps, but I’ll never be able to get in to find out. The door to the gymnasium says “colored people only.”

Even sillier is the requirement that “fit and phat” participants may not be “currently physically active.” In other words, the program seeks to teach people lacking initiative to blame “society” for their problems in a safe (read: racial segregated) environment. This is more than just another waste of taxpayer money. In a nutshell, it is the controlling philosophy of higher education.

The only thing more absurd than the programs themselves is the salaries paid to the administrators who create them. Just because their salaries are phat does not mean they are fit for “hire” education.

Mike S. Adams
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