President Obama’s news conference just now:  what a mess.

Convoluted, divisive, angry, confused, scatterbrained stammering (no teleprompter), strident, defensive, and full of political spin, rhetoric, and fallacious positioning of what is the actual Republican stand.  Still bringing up, by way of excuses, all the trouble he “inherited” from the previous administration.  Claims the Republicans’ “holy grail” is “tax cuts for millionaires.”  Bunkum. 

He called his own Democrats at the far-left end, “sanctimonious.” 

It had the qualities I associate with a small nervous breakdown.

Some of the Obama-mania media coverage:

“A testy President Barack Obama Tuesday expressed frustration…”  …  “His voice rose and he sounded exasperated …”

—A Reuters report at

“At a short-notice news conference, Obama repeated his deep philosophical opposition …”

— An Ass. Press report at the state-owned CBC

…Slightly more real…

“His political credibility on the line, President Barack Obama testily defended his willingness to choose compromise over combat with Republicans on Tuesday, lecturing fellow Democrats not to be “sanctimonious” purists.”

—Another Ass. Press report,

…but later in that same report…

“During his news conference, Obama’s bring-it-on defiance to all skeptics brought a smile from his spokesman…”

Send in the support troops (the media!)


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