The term “left-wing” does not occur once in the article  —an article about left-wing mob violence once again hitting the streets of America exactly as it did all last summer (with the news media’s virtual blessing and the tacit encouragement of liberals and leftists across North America including the now Vice President Kamala Harris, but I digress).

The Globe and Mail article focuses on the violence in Portland and Seattle last night. I watched the Seattle news last evening, and likewise, after a couple of weeks (since January 6) of them saying the words “right-wing” and “Trump supporters” and “riots” and “mobs” and “terrorists” so many times that they’re hoarse, the Seattle news media seemed unable to utter the words “left-wing” last night. “Well they seem to be against everything, back to you in the studio, Alixx!” 

The Globe and Mail headline is pure propaganda: “Federal agents fire tear gas as protesters smash windows at local Democratic Party headquarters in Portland.”

They smashed windows of businesses across the city, and a federal courthouse in Seattle. This headline is meant to twist your perception. It is to instill the (false) notion that since the Democratic Party office was targeted, it was obviously “right-wingers” or more o’ them “Trump supporters” who did it. More “Republican voters” or “domestic terrorists” — same thing.

It’s a pure lie. The Globe and Mail is lying. How else can I say this? They are bullshitting you. Even when you read the story (written by the leftists at the New York Times, as most American news is simply pasted into the Globe and Mail from either them or the equally left-wing Washington Post), you find no factual relief. Just more bullshit.

The term “left-wing” does not occur once in the article  —an article about left-wing violence.

By the Globe and Mail’s telling, they’re not left-wing, at all. Not “terrorists,” not “rioters,” not “violent,” not even “mobs,” no, none of those words appear even once in the article. They’re simply “protesters,” who offered a “strident challenge by anti-fascist and racial-justice protesters to the new administration of President Joe Biden.”

A “strident challenge”! —not a riot. Yet, “In Portland, lines of federal agents in camouflage – now working under the Biden administration – blanketed streets with tear gas and unleashed volleys of welt-inducing pepper balls as they confronted a crowd that gathered outside an Immigration and Customs Enforcement building near downtown.”

Seems like mere months ago that New York Times editor was fired and another quit and their “newsroom” staff were in an enormous uproar — dare I say riot? — for allowing an op/ed to be published suggesting that federal agents are sometimes required to quell violent, albeit left-wing, mobs. On January 6 these same troops suddenly became invaluable, and MUST be used to quash those “right-wing” riots at the Capital, and to protect the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Suddenly, under Joe Biden, not “fascist” or “authoritarian” any more, even against left-wing mobs like these. Weird.

Even though the [no longer fascist] federal agents “blanketed streets with tear gas and unleashed volleys of welt-inducing pepper balls…” but it’s still not left-wing or a riot. I’m sure it’s another “mostly peaceful protest,” which only the left are capable of pulling off amidst raging car fires, the bludgeoning of innocent business owners, the takeover of police stations and courthouses and other government buildings, the establishment of sovereign “autonomous zones,” the killing of police officers, businesses turned into infernos, thousands of broken windows, ruined shops, and cars turned into molten metal. And which only a lying news media would report as such.

“Speakers at the event called for a Green New Deal to fight climate change, a ‘Medicare for All’-style health insurance system, overhauls of police departments to address racial disparities and other fundamental changes.” But people, I implore you. They’re not left-wing. As proof, the “news” article doesn’t mention left-wing once. Q.E.D.

They’re described as being “anti-fascist” and “racial justice protesters” —the implication being that they’re on the side of the angels, the devil being “fascists,” or “racists.” But of course, as always, they never question those false motives. That lie. This is because they agree with them. The news media commonly allow the clear impression that “racist” or “fascist” includes any damned conservative, traditionalist, Republican, or someone who voted for Trump or even supported him against media and leftist liars. In a word, anybody who isn’t a leftist, progressive, who isn’t “woke,” who doesn’t agree with them to a T, who doesn’t subscribe to their beliefs, and, in fact, who doesn’t openly embrace and endorse them and all their leftist idiocy to the word. We’re fascists, see.

“Another tense protest in Seattle saw dozens of people push their way through the streets, with some breaking windows, spray-painting anarchist insignia and chanting not only about ICE but about the many other issues that roiled America’s streets last year under the administration of former President Donald Trump.” They invoke “Donald Trump” here — and more than once in the article — in their hideous, puerile effort to conflate these left-wing thugs and mobs and their obviously left-wing causes —with Trump. Because they’re liars. They can’t tell the truth.

No folks they’re not left-wing, despite writing this gem: “One member of the group handed out flyers to people on the street that said, “Biden won! And so did corporate elites!” The flyers explained that a “Democratic administration is not a victory for oppressed people” and that “Biden will not save us.”” They’re clearly and rather openly socialists and anarchists, clearly far more left than even Joe Biden and the currently wayward, leftist-controlled Democratic Party, and yet they’re still not left-wing. Amazing. Amazing lies.

At a time when truth and honesty is vital, they’ve chosen lying.

The term “left-wing” does not occur once in the article.

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