Biden immediately falls into bad old Dem habits of alienating millions of Americans

This is my second quote-grab from the Wall Street Journal today, but it bears the risk of copyright violation, and possibly reveals my obsequiousness, to provide you who read or hear only state-owned CBC’s nonsense, liberalvision CTV shambolica, Globe & Mail anti-anything-but-progressive claptrap, Toronto Star’s Trudeau facelicks, and so on, with some words of sanity:

Joe Biden’s Unity Address
National healing doesn’t require agreement on one point of view.
By The Editorial Board, Jan. 20, 2021 6:15 pm ET

“…”But I also know they are not new,” Mr. Biden said. “Our history has been a constant struggle between the American ideal that we all are created equal, and the harsh ugly reality that racism, nativism, fear, demonization have long torn us apart.”

“So our political differences are between those who believe in American ideals and those who are racists and nativists? This sounds too much like Barack Obama’s habit of casting differences of ideology or policy as divisions between enlightenment and bigotry. This is divisive in its cultural and moral condescension, as the Obama years proved in creating the political opening for Mr. Trump.

“Mr. Biden is right that there is a difference between “truth” and “lies,” and too much political discourse is strewn with falsehoods. But that fault rests with partisans on all sides. [Joel here. Allow me to interject. I mentioned some such lies here. Carry on.]  Most political differences aren’t between truth and lies. They are debates about the tradeoffs between core principles like freedom and equality, or over the best means to achieve good ends.

“On that point we heard too little in Mr. Biden’s speech to reassure conservatives now being purged and ostracized that he will call off the emboldened progressive censors. If his pursuit of social justice becomes a drive to blame every inequity in American life on racism, he will divide more than unite. If he insists that those who disagree on climate change are “deniers” who care nothing for the planet, he will alienate millions. … “

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Canadian politicians and news media of the liberal and leftist persuasion would do well to heed the advice offered here. They’re all just as guilty, only with even less justification.

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