More alleged evidence of new Liberal insider-trading corruption today

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The Article

More corruption?  Sure.  You thought the list of 200 Liberal Party misdeads was finished?  They’re not out of office yet, so no, it isn’t. 

CARP says it got notice of Goodale announcement

Finance Minister Ralph Goodale denies anyone in his office leaked word of changes to income trust policy, even as one man told CTV News he was tipped off in a phone call from one of the minister’s senior advisors.

In the hours before Goodale announced that the federal government was increasing the tax credit on corporate dividends two weeks ago, there was heavier-than-usual trading in income trusts and dividend-paying stocks. That has fuelled speculation that some investors profited from an early warning.

Goodale has insisted all along that no advance word came from his office. “The Finance Department is very meticulous about these matters,” he said Tuesday. “There was no specific advance notice whatsoever.”

But a representative of Canada’s most influential seniors’ lobby group [Canadian Association for the Fifty Plus] says he got a phone call on the morning of Nov. 23, several hours before the markets closed, and before Goodale made his announcement.

[…] When asked what exactly he was told, Gleberzon indicated the specifics were vague, but the underlying message was clear.

“They said something was going to be announced later in the day. And we assumed that if they told us that … it would probably be something we’d be happy with.”

As approximately 400,000 senior citizens have a vested interested in the issue, Gleberzon said his group, known by the acronym CARP, had been in “constant contact” with the policy advisor to the minister.

[…] When confronted with the latest development, Goodale still denied that anyone from his office gave advance notice of the announcement.

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