Meanwhile in left-wing BC: 90% of new jobs are **public-sector**. Not private.

I’m no big fan of the BC Liberal Party, on account of the “Liberal” in the name and the liberal in their core. But I do appreciate a good point when I see one:

So everything’s normal here. Don’t worry. Nothing’s wrong here. Not even BC’s nearly 7% unemployment.

Looking at the raw stats myself I see the natural resource sector (oil and gas, mining, etc.,) is down -13%. Just in time for a crisis in oil and gas supplies and mineral supplies worldwide. This is progressive-left, climate-obsessed government planning at its finest.

Anyway I’ll let Todd Stone go on with the rest of his rant:

Things are going to get even better than they have been getting thanks to the benevolent NDP government — if by better you mean more government, more people working for the government, and more government power and control over lives, less needed energy and mineral extraction, and more government daycare and social workers. And more taxes. And so… less and less freedom. THAT’s progressive.

Ensure things keep getting better and better and governments get bigger and bigger by doing nothing.

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