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Remember Yesterday? Those were the Trudeau “selfie” days. Now it looks as though they’re here to stay. Back in the early days of Trudeau’s first election campaign and then in government, Trudeau was seen taking literally dozens of “selfies” per day. It was like he was pathologically enamored with himself or something. Very strange. I thought it was very creepy.

But the “news” media loved it. Just. Loved. It. They absolutely adore Justin Trudeau. They are obsessed. It’s truly a cult of personality, and the “news” media are its biggest members. Of course, you could say they get paid by taxpayers to be its members, but whatever. The rest of the cult are all the women of Canada, except about 13 women who are conservative, and 90 who are socialists or communists or some other form of progressive.

Trudeau was shamed or embarrassed out of his selfie obsession phase — or maybe some group of family or friends intervened, but it’s all taken on a new form now. Now, he literally sets-up photo ops for the adoring “news” media to lick his face with their cameras. Why do all the photo work yourself, after all?

And so the “news” media do it. And they demand even more photos. And there isn’t a day that goes by without you seeing three, six, or ten photos of Justin Trudeau in the “news” or wherever. It’s getting creepy again. Maybe creepier, because it’s the “objective” “news” media willingly doing it for him, and thrusting it in our faces. It reminds me of Stalinist Russia, or China or North Korea, where there are posters of the great leader or “dear leader” plastered all over the place — and all their media comply with this requirement because they were/are all state-owned or bought and paid for. Huh.

Here’s an actual itinerary page from one Trudeau day in Ukraine, which we will remember is under attack from Russia. It’s a rigorous regimen of high-level peacemaking and strategy about troop movements and sundry war dealing. Oh hang on, it’s all photo ops.

And boy oh boy did he deliver the photo ops. It’s literally What He Does. The “news” media literally ate it up. I imagine instead of them shouting tough questions at him, demanding firm clear and plain answers (which has literally never, ever happened with Trudeau), they shouted different poses they wanted him to make — like at a photo shoot, which is what this all really is. By “this” I mean his whole prime ministership. His whole government.

Here he is smiling as if it’s sunny Easter Sunday in the park, with a military guy who is likely to be dead already today.

This next photo was obviously from the same photoshoot. Note how swell he’s dressed in the muddy Strawberry Fields battlefields of death — smart plaid sports jacket and neatly-pressed trousers… very fashionable with that classic button-down shirt and cardigan. That’s how armies dress now right? But wait: those other guys don’t look like Instagram celebrities, nor look every bit the yuppy effete Cosmo fashion model. So it’s just Trudeau’s who’s totally, absolutely, embarrassingly un-self-aware, dressed like a soy boy amidst the rough and ready-to-die soldiers, but whatever, at least he’s smiling away like a fool, standing there with his stylish leather gloves on, like a woman… and the media love it. LOVE IT. They set it up WITH him.

Somebody on Twitter tweeted this (sorry I didn’t catch who as I stole the photo), but it speaks volumes:

Somebody else twote this one of the military leader, Justin Trudeau, arranging his forces of “news” media:

His whole damn cabinet is in on it too. As I said, it’s a government of freaking un-self-aware fakers and performers and celebrity wannabes and twenty-something social media influencers. Here’s one from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, or as I now call it, Minister of F’n Affairs. Both the “news” media and the Trudeau cabinet had to have been in on the “posing” and “arranging” of this photo to try to make it look like the freaking Beatles, which is who they actually think they all are. But just Let It Be, y’all!

Beatles’ Abbey Road — Trudeau cabinet — potatoes potahtoes. Serious/unserious. Propaganda/shmopaganda.

Again lots of people on Twitter have noticed the hideousness… like this one of Trudeau sitting, as he usually does, like a woman. There’s nary a bad or funny-looking shot of him. They’re all professionally perfect, glam shots or pseudo-“thinking” shots like this one. It’s really quite astounding how lucky that is.

And I could go on all day and fill up an entire server with other such photos. And this is just concerning the latest globe-trotting adventure. I’ll close with this one that liberalvision CTV supplied today regarding one of their other loves, Joe Biden, Democrat, which someone VERY carefully took the time to center and frame-up to make it appear as if Biden is Jesus himself, complete with the miraculous halo. So lucky! Hardly a swastika in sight!

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