Math-Challenged BC Teachers Teach Confirmation Bias, But Fail There Too.



A poll conducted by Research Co. in late May found more than 30 per cent of parents with children in public and private schools in B.C. felt their child’s class sizes have been “too big.”

Twenty-one per cent of 700 parents surveyed felt large class sizes were the biggest problem facing the education system.

… “This is good confirmation that teachers and parents are on the same page in B.C.”

Vancouver Sun, June 6 2019

Yeah no. No this is NOT good confirmation of that, at all, in any way, whatsoever. But thanks for playing.

What it means is that the vast majority of parents are of the opinion that the teachers are NOT on the same page as them. Like 70% of the people feel their child’s class size is NOT “too big.” And 79% feel large classes sizes are NOT the biggest problem.

In fact, the poll results had this inconvenient truth as well:

… Despite concerns over class sizes, 83 per cent of poll respondents said their children had a positive experience in the B.C. education system. …

Well golly. Maybe the teachers didn’t do their homework. Didn’t read the whole book. Just copied from someone on the internet. Then called Left-Wing-Marketing-R-Us and came up with a bullshit answer. This is an F grade if ever there was one.

And by the way, who commissioned the poll? That’s relevant information, and the Vancouver Sun, which seems to love them some Marxist unions, know that full well. Since they didn’t tell us, we know that the teachers commissioned the poll, and framed the questions just right.

This is another big, public, Marxist union power-building and power-grab project. Another F.

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