Marci Macdonald: portrait of an anti-conservative, anti-Christian bigot —and media darling!

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The Article

Today on their premier politics opinion/talk show, the state-owned CBC hosted the latest author of an anti-Christian or anti-conservative book.  Shocka. 

This time she was a Canadian author who seems extraordinarily fearful of Christians — especially conservative Christians, whom she refers to in her writings as many times as possible, as “theo-cons”.  Isn’t that neat?  “Theo-cons”.  It’s sort of an cynical, anti-Christian – slash – anti-Conservative bigotry two-fer, based on the always meant-to-be insulting, derogatory term “neo-cons”, which so many amateur and usually dumb-ass far-leftist bloggers and more than a few mainstream liberal-left newspaper columnists, and other such shallow, provincial, jejune bigots, use (and WAY over use) to describe anybody who is remotely conservative.  In other words, people they hate.  HATE.

“The Armageddon Factor” is the name of Macdonald’s stupid book ‘o bigotry —not just her feeling about the doomsday scenario she warns about, which is based largely on total (again, bigotry) and, well, garbage.  For example (and to inject a little PTBC in this thing because it’s a fun fact that so much relates back to PTBC even if it’s only in a “six degrees of separation” way, we carry Joseph Ben-Ami’s writing here, very proudly, with his — ahem —Jewish blessing), she names Joseph Ben-Ami as one of the leaders of her scary, scary “Christian-Right” – slash – “social conservatives” (two terms she all but nails to the exact same cross).  He’s a great columnist and a fantastic thinker, but inasmuch as he is whatcha call yer JEW, he’s not a very suitable leader of the “Christian-Right”.  Next thing you know, she’ll name our Salim Mansur another leader of the “Christian-Right”, notwithstanding his inherent Muslimness.

All of the Canadian media have interviewed her and helped her promote her book.  She’s their newest best friend.

Naturally, today she was on the CBC (once again!).  I love how the state-owned CBC alternated the chiron (the banner at the bottom) to help illuminate (elevate?) her scary agenda. 


It’s all very ominous in her view.  After all, she kept repeating, there are Christian lobby groups.  There are!  (She just sort of lets that fact sit there in much the same way bigoted anti-conservative Vancouver Sun columnist Daphne Bramham referred to Ann Coulter the other day — as if it’s self-evidently bad thing, no explanation necessary).  And, to go on with her pretend logic, Harper is a Christian. Ipso facto:  Holy. Crap.  That so-called “Armageddon” as those damn Christians call it, is well on its way, and we best all get together and put a stop to it.  Only gay lobby groups and “pro-choice” abortionists and socialists should lobby government, as a general matter. 

To be perfectly fair, the CBC’s Evan Solomon did not buy (at taxpayer expense) her anti-Christian, anti-Conservative (or as she actually referred to them once: “neo-con”) intolerance and bigotry, holus-bolus, as I had expected.  He actually challenged her.  No really.  And later, that “Christian-Right” Jew Ezra Levant deftly defended the normal, right side with his warnings that what we really gotta worry about is da JOOS!.  If I understand correctly, Ezra is also a leader of the “Christian-Right” in Canada.

Joel Johannesen
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