Liberals bemoan closure of 12 (12?!) Status of Women offices

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The Article

Twelve out of sixteen!  Wait: there were 16 Status of Women’s offices in Canada!  I’m aghast.  How did women get as far as they did with this paltry amount of benevolent government aid?  We all know women, like Indians, can’t make it on their own—am I right, liberals?  So this is troubling.  Sixteen isn’t even as many as the number of provinces and territories and “nations” in this country.  I’ll bet the offices were all located in the urban centers too.  How did the women in Red Deer (no offence—I was talking about the town, not about lovely


dears in red!) make out?  Why I’ll bet they’re oppressed, “as we speak”.

Canada’s state-run politically-correct liberal media reports it including these sage words from an expert—a woman!:

Liberal MP Maria Minna called the move “reprehensible.”

“Canadian women are still only earning 71 cents to every dollar earned by their male counterparts, more and more women are living in poverty, and we are still waiting for the government to create child-care spaces,” she said.

“With the closure of these regional offices, the government is taking away one of the very few remaining resources for women.”

Minna said the closures are a clear sign that Stephen Harper’s Conservatives plan to completely dismantle Status of Women Canada.

She says it like it’s a bad thing. 

But I’ll tell you what, here’s my deal for you liberals:  When you Liberal Party liberals hold your leadership convention this weekend and artificially lift up your dead-last last place contender (a successful woman lawyer named Martha Hall Findlay) into the position of leader of the party, using some o’ that famous liberal-left “equality” and pro-active “affirmative action” and all your training in and advocacy of “diversity” and “inclusion” and “empowerment”, so that she can then potentially join at the helm of this country the person who was appointed to be Canada’s supreme leader of all the land, Governor-General Michaëlle Jean, then I’ll press for the closure of the other four remaining offices and the complete dismantling of the “Status of Women” division of your Liberal Party.  Then also some of the other offices of official state reliance and oppression you created.  That office space could be better used as “conservatives and their ideas aren’t actually all that bad” debriefing centers. 

(Hat tip to Lord’s Fury)


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