Liberal calls this a “Conservative recession”; CTV’s Dan Matheson calls him on it

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The Article

image  Reminiscent of when the CTV’s Kate Wheeler actually called the New York Times “left-leaning”, thereby astounding me out of my shorts…

Just now, while interviewing a Liberal automaton today on CTV’s Newsnet, anchor Dan Matheson called out Liberal “strategist” Steve MacKinnon for calling this a “Conservative recession”.

Actual transcript from my recording:


Steven MacKinnon, Liberal Party strategist:  … but also, um, on this economy, and what we’ve seen from these Conservatives in, in these, uh, in this conservative recession, is a very very tough thing!  Umm, Mr. Ignatieff is coming up with ideas whether it be early childhood education, new investments in green technologies, uh new jobs, infrastructure projects, employment insurance, that, uh, I think are going to intrigue Canadians, and are going to create a more “just society”, but also create these new jobs that we need in the 21st century!

CTV anchor Dan Matheson:  Uh, sir, did you call it the “Conservative recession”?

Steven MacKinnon, Liberal Party strategist: HA HA HA!!!!

CTV anchor Dan Matheson:  Is that what slipped out there?  OK never mind.  [Then carries on with new question…]

Steven MacKinnon, Liberal Party strategist:  Tory time ‘r tough times, Dan, just on that earlier uh point, uh, I don’t know if that’s been said before [chuckles as Matheson doesn’t]…


OK well maybe my contention that Matheson “called him out” is a little strong, inasmuch as Matheson totally wimped-out and caved-in to his liberal better, and dropped it (“OK never mind!”), and chose to accept the blatant promulgation of pure, unadulterated bullcrap, on national television, on a hard news program, instead of perusing it and ensuring that truth is what gets reported on national television news, instead or pure, unadulterated bullcrap.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  any politician and the party he speaks for who blames this global economic turmoil on “Conservatives” (or even more so, small-c “conservatives” —or as the CAW’s radical left-wing socialist extremist Ken Lewenza does, on “right-wingers”), is worthy of nothing more than being viewed as completely dishonest, vacuous BS-ers, bereft of any thoughtful ideas, and obviously incapable of being even remotely intellectually honest with the Canadian people.  They are literally trying—TRYING!—to mislead Canadians—to fool them.  That’s how little they think of Canadians—how they condescend to them (think of another Liberal “strategist”, Scott Reid, and his idiotic, elitist “beer and popcorn” remark).  And so they should be held in utter contempt by the Canadian people, and all voters should literally laugh at and ridicule them at every opportunity, and should certainly never vote for them, ever.

And they should be roundly called-out as the BS-spewing louts that they in fact are, by the supposedly truth-seeking news media.

Joel Johannesen
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