Liberals don’t trust you, Canadians

UPDATED Mon Dec 12, 7:30 AM PST

…which is a funny coincidence.  Most Canadians don’t trust Liberals either.  So it works out that way.

What a great, positive situation they developed and have going here in my country today.

Scott Reid, a Liberal Party strategist and mouthpiece for Paul Martin, told us today on the state-run CBC division of the liberals that the Conservative policy to let Canadians keep money in their pocket to spend as they please for their own child care choices is bad because… Canadians will spend it on beer and popcorn.

The state must take your money and spend it for you.  You’re too stupid.

People do tend to say stupid things in election campaigns, but you see it was later verified and endorsed by yet another Liberal Party strategist later in the day.  He was even more arrogant and dismissive.

[UPDATE:  Video flick removed due to threat from CBC. Try this one instead.]
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A chimp could have predicted the reaction from the Liberals.  Scott Reid “apologized” (liberal-left style—with a big huge chip on his shoulders and full of “buts” and obfuscations).

Paul (“I dint know nuttin”) Martin said that Reid dint mean nuttin by what he said.  Other Liberal hack, John Duffy, who later yesterday gleefully endorsed Reid’s comments—has not bothered to apologize.

And apologies are only nominally useful here.  The critical lesson we’ve learned here, as a nation, is that under even a little pressure, a tiny part of the Fabian socialist liberal hidden agenda is exposed.  Yesterday it was confirmed that they don’t trust Canadians with their own money, and think that only government—liberal elites and socialists—can control your life and that of your family.  Your money, your health, your very children and family, their education, social structure, culture, what we watch on TV and hear on the radio, these things and much much more are best left in the hands of liberal governments and people like the arrogant ass Scott Reid, because Canadians are too stupid and untrustworthy.  Canadians might go hog wild and spend their (own) cash “with no control”—with no controls!—on their own families as they see fit, just willy-nilly.

Without controls, they might not support the Fabian socialist system at their own free will.  Without controls.  Without controls.

Conservative leader Stephen Harper said it best today, and do not underestimate his succinct warning:

“Scott Reid did not withdraw the meaning, he only withdrew the words.”

UPDATE Monday Dec 12 2005 12:45 PM PST:
I changed my video about the Scott Reid and John Duffy Liberal Party gaffe in which they confirmed that they don’t trust Canadians with their own money and that only governments can manage our money for us and bring up our families properly.

A few people emailed me suggesting I drop one strong word from the video, telling me that it was, well, too strong a word.

One person suggested I swap it for “arrogant people” and another said I should simply use “socialists”.  One person called me a Nazi, and added that I should drop Ann Coulter as a columnist here, and of course that I should move to Texas where I belong.

So I decided I could live with “arrogant socialists”, since it wouldn’t detract too much from the central core of what I was trying to convey.

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