Liberal government hands out styrofoam swag at a clean-the-ocean conference.

…And the news media, ever eager to defend government (as long as they’re liberal or leftist), attempt to blame “business” instead.

The opening sentence is fine:

“The federal government will be reviewing its use of promotional swag after employees handed out foam keychains at a conference in Vancouver to talk about — among other things — how to rid the ocean of foam.”

Note that the “employees” she’s talking about are federal government employees.

But then in the next sentence the reporter, Tiffany Crawford of the Vancouver Sun (Postmendia), apparently tries to change the facts up a bit:

“The gaffe has called into question whether businesses and groups should hand out plastic promotional items at conferences, especially at a time when the government is moving to ban single-use plastics.”

Nope. The gaffe only calls into question whether the government should hand this crap out. Government handed these out. Not business. Businesses emphatically — and according to this very article — were anxiously handed out new environmentally-sound swag.

“Apparel is still a popular promotional item, but the companies that make them are looking at more sustainable fabrics, such as hemp and bamboo. At the trade show, one firm was offering reusable sandwich bags to use instead of plastic bags, while another company had created a promotional item with flowers that can be planted to help the bee population thrive…”

As usual, business is way, way ahead of the government — on the environment and everything else. These businesses would be surprised to learn from this reporter that they need to learn a lesson taught to them by this government.

“[Attendee John] Preissl said nearly 300 members of the Ocean Protection Plan [gov’t link] were chatting about ghost gear and polystyrene issues in Canada’s oceans and lakes, while the coast guard and other government employees were ‘giving away the cheap foam keychains like candy.'”

“You can’t make this stuff up,” he said.

No you can’t make this stuff up, but it was fun watching the reporter try to make stuff up, wasn’t it? This wasn’t even a good try at gaslighting the public.

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