Last week, when the “news” “report” was first displayed on the liberals’’s web site, I blogged about their hideous anti-Bush, anti-American “news” story about the number of Americans leaving the U.S. for Canada. 

Toronto Star web site front page The leftist Toronto Star (possibly the most far left mainstream newspaper in North America) picks up on that story today (sure, they’re a few days behind the times) and goes with it—on their front page. 

Like, they tout the numbers of Americans leaving the U.S. and extrapolate the “reasons why”, largely using that solid foundation of knowledge called “the clear blue sky”, and of course an interview with one or two gay, anti-Iraq war, and rabidly anti-Bush left-wing moonbats.  Perhaps they used some U.N. “computer modeling” to reach their “scientific consensus”. 

And like the tripe, they also forgot to explain why roughly THIRTY TIMES the number of Canadians head south each year.  Nope: no scientific extrapolation available for that inconvenient truth. 

Toronto Star newspaper front pageOf course the Toronto Star goes further in their (front page!) story, ending their brilliant piece with this jejune little gem:

“If every American who didn’t like George W. Bush left the country, there would be no one here but illegal immigrants,’’ one blogger wrote.

Perhaps they forgot to look for a quote from one Canadian blogger —me, say—to get a good —perhaps even alternate—perspective on it.  Perhaps they’re just a newspaper with a huge agenda to drive.


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