Left-Wing Media Star Portland Mayor’s Approval Rating: 26%.

And it’s only because the media have made him such a superstar that Portland Mayor Wheeler’s approval rating is even 26%. Imagine what it would be if he weren’t lionized daily by the left-wing media for his encouragement of the ongoing left-wing rioting and mob violence.

Unfortunately, imagining is all we can do, because the establishment in government, the media, and business continue to support him and his left-wing activism, despite his morbid unpopularity, all the way to the bank. So this story comes, naturally, from Fox News. And only Fox News.

More than 100 nights of riots and other political unrest in Portland, Ore., appear to be having an effect on voters’ confidence in the mayor’s job performance, according to a new poll.

Mayor Ted Wheeler is viewed negatively by 63% — or nearly two-thirds – of the city’s voters, according to a poll paid for by Yes for Real Community Oversight of Police, a political action committee, OregonLive.com reported.

Only 26% of voters viewed the mayor favorably, the poll results said. …

So don’t despair. You are not alone. Most people believe the left-wing rioting mobs are lunatics, criminals, (and worse), and no, they aren’t supported by us normals  —and nor are their enablers in government Like Wheeler (and most of the Democratic Party), and in the left-wing media.

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